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Paradise Pub Restaurant (Switzerland, Montreux)

We visited Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon) before lunch.
Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon)
Chillon Castle 3 km away from Montreux is one of Switzerland's best known castle. The Castle is strategically located at the shore of Lake Geneva, at the foot of the Alps. In the past, it played an important role as it controlled the road and lake which was used as a trade and military route.
Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon)
As we were leaving, it started to snow. Chillon Castle is open for tours daily except for the 1st of January and 25th of December.

We had lunch at Paradise Pub Restaurant, an eatery located in Montreux, Switzerland along Grand Rue which is the stretch of road along the picturesque Lake Geneva. This is the same stretch that holds a Christmas Market every year during November to December. As I visited during the month of December, I managed to visit the Christmas Market. There were many stalls that stretch along the road and also the lake side selling food, hot alcoholic drinks, handicrafts, Christmas decorations, candies, souvenirs and hold different activities. It was an interesting experience. We decided to adjourn for lunch after walking half the Christmas Market (It was too big!).
We looked around for a restaurant before finally deciding to settle for Paradise Pub Restaurant. Some of the reasons for eating here include its English menu, more affordable compared to the rest and also there seems to be alot of locals in there.
Paradise Pub Restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining. As it was winter, everyone sat indoors to escape from the freezing cold winter.
Paradise Pub Restaurant had a large sitting capacity. The above picture shows just one-third of the restaurant. There were many locals in the restaurant and that was part of the reason why we decided to patronise this restaurant.
Salad Buffet (self-service)
The restaurant offers a wide variety of food; some of which were displayed at the counter while some could be cooked upon order. Customers can help themselves to the Salad Buffet which is self service at a cost of 3.2 CHF (S$4.18) per 100grams.
Left to Right: Salad Buffet , Bulgar Wheat Salad
Bulgar Wheat Salad is a regular feature in Europe in their Salad Bar. (The Bulgar Wheat is a type of cereal food made from different types of wheat with high protein and nutritional values.)

Look at the wide variety of food available! If only it was a fix priced buffet.

Part of the English Menu
Their menu is available in several languages including French, German, Swedish, English and even Norwegian language! It's good to be able to have the full information to make an informed choice on what to order. Did you spot any items unusual in the menu? Something which you can't get in Singapore.

Read on to find out as I ordered it. Anyway, we decided to order their A La Carte dishes. 
Soupe Du Jour 5 CHF (S$6.56)
We ordered a Soupe De Jour ("Soup of the Day") - Tomato Soup to share. It was great, not too sour and not too creamy.  
Cordon-Bleu with French Fries 16.90 CHF (S$22.09)
Cordon-Bleu with French Fries 16.90 CHF (S$22.09)
The partner ordered the Cordon-Bleu which is a breaded cutlet dish with cheese in it which is then fried. The Cordon-Bleu dish originated from the Switerland. 
Cordon-Bleu with French Fries 16.90 CHF (S$22.09)
The Cordon-Bleu was delicious. It arrived warm and the cheese it it was oozing out once it is cut into half. The meat well seasoned, was tasty.  
Horse Steak with French Fries 18.90 CHF (S$24.70)
I ordered the Horse Steak with French Fries which was priced at 18.90 CHF (S$24.70). The main reason why I ordered Horse (meat) Steak was because I had not eaten horse meat before and was curious on how it would taste like. Not too long after this trip, the 2013 horse meat scandal broke out. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland was the first who reported the presence of horse meat in beef. Through the scandal, it reported that horse meat was mixed with beef because horse meat was a lower cost ingredient. Thinking back, it was weird that all the steaks at Paradise Pub Restaurant - Horse, Beef, Chicken and Lamb were all priced at the same price (i.e. 18.90 CHF). Since horse meat was cheaper... it should have been priced cheaper.

Anyway back to the food. Ordering the horse steak is similar to ordering a beef steak. You will be asked if you would like yours - raw, medium or well done. I requested for mine to be served well done as it was my first time eating it.

The Horse Steak with French Fries was served with french fries (of course), a slice of tomato, slices of lettuce and a small piece of horse meat (steak) that was topped with butter. The Horse Steak was dry and very tough. I had a hard time cutting it into bite size. Taste wise, I felt that it had a slight weird after taste upon the first bite. After that, for the subsequent bites, it seemed to be similar to beef, just that it was tougher - much harder to cut and chew.

I guess after this little adventure, I will be sticking to beef.
After lunch, we continued checking out the Christmas Market along Grand Rue and took photos of the stunning view of the Alps. As you may have noticed the Christmas Market consisted wooden chalets which are along the lakeside path.

Paradise Pub Restaurant (Switzerland, Montreux)
Grand Rue 58 
Avenue des Alpes 37
Montreux, Switzerland

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  1. Interesting spread of dishes and I sure know how there's so many varieties of salad in Switzerland because we sampled some almost similar ones.

    The chicken is very inviting and love that oozing texture inside.

    1. The variety and type of food was an eye opener for me


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