Saturday, 15 June 2013

Pork Knuckle Lunch and Lake Titisee (Germany, Titisee)

After leaving Nancy (France), we opted to visit Titisee (Germany). All I can say is that we made the right decision as the view there was magnificent and it was snowing! 
The breath-taking scenery while we were on the way to Titisee. It was quite cool that when we left France for Germany, we did not even need to step down and show our passport.
When we arrived at Titisee, it was not snowing. The wind (as seen on the right) was howling furiously and it was just so freezing cold. If we thought that the temperature was cold at France.. this was another test for us and also a preparation of what was to come in Switzerland.

At Titisee, we first visited the Drubba which is a Cuckoo Clock maker and seller. Besides that the shop also sells a variety of branded watches, jewelries, wallets and accessories.
Drubba Cuckoo Clocks
The Cuckoo Clocks are made from scratch. Beautiful handicrafts! After that we headed for a Pork Knuckle lunch at the restaurant above Drubba. The restaurant name is called Hochfirst. It is a new restaurant in the existing Zur Mühle Restaurant. Hochfirst is located at the first floor while Zur Mühle is located at the ground floor. I believe that both restaurants are run by the same management. 
The view at the restaurant was amazing. They offer a panoramic view of the backdrop of the adjacent Black Forest. As the snow fell from the sky, it enhanced the beauty of the scenery. The restaurant was less than half full at the time of visit. A possible reason could be because it was already 2pm. 

A tip to share with everyone. This restaurant provides free wifi! You can approach the waitress and ask her for the password. Awesome right? 

We were first served a small bowl of vegetable soup which was quite salty. 
Fries for sharing. 
Rice for sharing too. We hardly touched it as there was too much carbo and meat. 
Pork Knuckle
Huge Pork Knuckle. It was memorable for the wrong reasons. Dry, hard, tough and it still had lots of (visible) hair.. I just zoom straight in for the meat and did not eat the exterior. Pretty tasteless. Mixing the sauce with the meat did help to enhance the taste.
Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake was quite good. But would be better if there was less cream. 
Ice Wine
Lastly, Ice Wine before we headed out to play in the snow (sounds like we are children!). It starting snowing after our meal. Perfect timing!
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Lake Titisee
Lake Titisee which looks misty as it was snowing. The lake takes a long time to freeze as the wind is strong. You can notice the water surface moving.
I have heard of the term snowflake before. But this was the first time I noticed that the snow that landed onto us was literally shaped like a snowflake. Cool! The previous few occasions where I experience snowing, the snow was just circular or round in shape. In the above picture, you can spot two similar shape snowflakes. We saw several other types of snowflakes that day. It was the only occasion we witness snowflakes throughout our stay in Europe although it was snowing in Switzerland.

Pork Knuckle Lunch and Lake Titisee (Germany, Titisee) 
Seestraße 37 - 41 
79822 Titisee-Neustadt, Germany
Tel: +49 7651 981200

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  1. no two snowflakes are alike. ;)

  2. Awesome shots on the places and that with snow. Sad that the knuckles were not up to expectation but I think the cake may have made up.


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