Saturday, 8 June 2013

Le Grill (France, Bussy Saint Georges)

Le Grill is one of the several chains of restaurants located in the pit stop / service station of the highways in France. We stopped over at Le Grill for lunch at one of the pit stop near Bussy-Saint-Georges while travelling along the A4 Autoroute aka autoroute de l'est from Paris to Nancy. The A4 Autoroute is a highway that is more than 482 km long and is also known as the Eastern Motorway.
It's concept is similar to our convenient stall (7-Eleven) with a cafeteria in it. The only difference is the size. It is so big. The section that is similar to our our local 7-eleven had such wide aisle. In addition, the cafeteria was spacious with lots of sitting capacity. It was a waste, I did not take photos of the interior as I was too hungry.
Potato Salad 4,90 € (S$7.68)
We ordered the Potato Salad from the Salad Bar. It was average. Looking back, this side dish is so pricey.
Assiette Jambon Cru 3,50 € (S$5.48)
Assiette Jambon Cru a french word means Ham in English. There were just three pieces of large ham that were thinly sliced.
Paella 8,90 € (S$13.95)
Paella a spanish dish consisted of saffron flavour rice cooked with meat and seafood. It was my first time trying the dish and I must say it was an eye opener. Overall, the dish was full of flavour and fragrant. Each grain of rice was well coated with immense saffron flavour and slightly moist. The more you dig into it, the more you would love it. If only more seafood (i.e. prawn) and chicken meat was given.
Steak Hache and Frites 7,50 € (S$11.75)
Steak Hache and Frites literally means Steak and Chips (Fries) to us. The term Steak Hache alone means a chop steak of quality and freshness. It is may be easier for us to think of it as a steak patty that is used in burger. But there are some differences. For example, the meat used is a prime steak meat that is minced and then formed into an oval shape without seasoning. It is then cooked with a little seasoning (salt and pepper) at the cooking stage. 

The Steak and Chips (Fries) was cooked upon order. Although I had to wait a fair bit for this dish, this was well worth the wait. The steak was delicious. As described above, the steak came in an oval-shape and there were little seasoning in the steak. One could easily taste the original flavour of the meat and it was so juicy. The fries were decent. Not cut too tiny and was not overly salty.

Le Grill is one of the many stop over restaurants located in the pit stop along the highway. We were not expecting fantastic food. Hence, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mains at Le Grill. Generally, the food in Europe can be quite expensive, but in this case the mains were well worth the money. However, the sides were expensive. You would be better off not ordering the sides. 

Le Grill (France, Bussy Saint Georges)
Aire de Ferrières
77600 Bussy-Saint-Georges, France

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  1. These types of outlets are common in Europe. I tried a few in Italy. Simply delectable, the paella and the potato salad.


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