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La Bonne Cave and Landmarks in Lucerne (Switzerland, Lucerne)

After touring the old Chapel Bridge and the Old Town of Lucerne (also known as Luzern), Switzerland, we went about looking for a place for dinner. There did not seemed to be many places around that offered food, more for shopping. Part of the reason could be because it was Winter; some of the shops may have closed early. As the weather was freezing cold for us (slightly below 0 Degree Celsius), we were in a rush to look for a place for a quick dinner - in fact anyplace will do.

So long as it fitted the 3 criteria;
- quick (as we were hungry)
- indoors (to escape from the cold)
- serves food 
As such, we found ourselves in La Bonne Cave which is a restaurant located directly besides River Reuss. There were two other reasons why we came here. It was because the menu had English translation and it was less pricey compared to the other restaurants. 

As you may have noticed from the decoration and environment, La Bonne Cave looks more like a wine place. In fact it is. The name of this place is actually called Weinwirtschaft Weinladen La Bonne Cave. The word 'Weinwirtschaft Weinladen' means 'Wine Shop' in English. Nevertheless, we went ahead and ordered our dinner.
Hausgemachte Tagessuppe (Klein) 6.50 CHF (S$8.50)
We ordered the Hausgemachte Tagessuppe (Klein) 6.50 CHF (S$8.50) which when translated to English means Homemade Soup of the Day (Small). The soup of the day was Tomato Soup! It was quite a small bowl of soup and was very sour. 
Bread which was served together with the soup. Nothing great about the bread, it was average. 
Gambas 'All' Aglio E Peperoncini (Klein) 17.50 CHF (S$22.87)
The partner ordered the Gambas 'All' Aglio E Peperoncini (Klein) which cost 17.50 CHF (S$22.87). It was essentially an Aglio Olio style spaghetti served with roasted black tiger shrimps with garlic and hot pepper. This Aglio Olio style spaghetti was decently executed. Many tiger shrimp was given and they were fresh and succulent.
Feuerspaghetti 17.50 CHF  (S$22.87)
I ordered the Feuerspaghetti (Klein) 17.50 CHF (S$22.87); Spaghetti with hot curry, sliced chicken and china vegetable. This was a unique dish and unlike any curry I have tried before. The curry was not spicy, similar to a thick, starchy peanut sauce with a slight hint of curry.  The china vegetable in this case consisted of mainly slices of carrots and cabbage. To be frank, I did not like the taste of this dish and wished that I had ordered something else.
Overall, the ambience at La Bonne Cave was quiet, cozy and homely. It looked like the perfect place for a quiet date and chill out. In fact to me, it seemed more of a place for wine rather than food. Food wise, it was not impressive.

There are several landmarks to visit in Lucerne.
Old Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke)
The Old Chapel Bridge also known as Kapellbrücke built in 1333 to protect Lucerne is the oldest wooden covered wooden bridge in Europe. The Watch Tower (Wasserturm) which you see in the photo is an eight sided citadel made of bricks. It was used as a watch tower, torture chamber, and prison. Both the bridge and Watch Tower are a key tourist attraction of Switzerland. The Old Chapel Bridge is just outside La Bonne Cave.
Old Town of Lucerne
The Old Town with its well preserved 14th century town walls, cobbled squares and buildings. There were murals on most of the buildings walls.
Lion Monument (Lion of Lucerne)
Since were were at Lucerne, we visited the Lion Monument (Lion of Lucerne) which was nearby. The Lion Monument carved out of stone depicts a dying lion in memory of the Swiss mercenaries who lost their lives during the French Revolution at the Tuileries Palace in Paris. The lake at the bottom of the monument was frozen.
Postillon Hotel Lucerne
Postillon Hotel, our Hotel for the night. ~Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!~ 
 The view from our room.
Lake Lucerne
Postillon Hotel is located next to Lake Lucerne.

That's all for this post. Stay tuned for more.

La Bonne Cave (Switzerland, Lucerne) 
Rathausquai 1
6004 Luzern
Lucerne, Switzerland
Tel: +41 41 410 45 16

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  1. The view from your room is captivating. Though the food was a bit of a let down, I think like you said, the ambiance may have made up for it. I somehow never enjoyed any food I had in Europe though my other half was ok with it. For me, if there's no chilies, I can't eat. The nearest we could get our hands on was chili flakes in some places but it just couldn't match our local power packed sambal.

    1. Yea, spot on! Their sambal power can't compare to those found in South East Asia.

  2. china vegetable cracks me up!

    1. haha, makes you wonder what's Europe vegetable or Singapore vegetable.


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