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Galerie Kebab (France, Paris)

We were still at Galeries Lafayette when it was dinner time. We decided to head back to the same street and try Galerie Kebab
Galerie Kebab is located along Rue Joubert; less than 5 minutes away from Galeries Lafayette. It is located just directly opposite Croque SaveurGalerie Kebab is a restaurant specialising in Middle Eastern cuisine, to be more specific, Turkish cuisine. 
It is a small restaurant with limited sitting capacity with simple and no frills decoration. Ironically, their kitchen size took up a quarter of the total restaurant size. If they had made the kitchen smaller, they could sit even more customers.   
The food took a very long time to be served. As I was hungry, I decided to pop by the kitchen to see if I could find out the reason. Well, the meat skeers were cooked only upon order. I guess we Singaporeans are too used to our fast-paced lifestyle. I really should take things slow. Feels good to know that the food was freshly cooked, not heated up or cooked a second time. 
The staff were all Middle Easterns, not Europeans. They were friendly and always with a smile.
A quick look at the menu.
Luckily besides French, the menu had English translation at the bottom! Yeah! This makes it so much easier to decide what to order.
Thé Turc (Turkish Tea) 1 € (S$1.6)
We were not keen on ordering any drinks until we saw 'Thé Turc' which is in French, when translated to English, it means 'Turkish Tea'. We had no idea how Turkish Tea would tasted like. Hence we decided to order this.

The Turkish Tea was served in a very small cup. The height of the cup was almost the same as the packet of sugar you see in this photo. As for the taste, well... it tasted exactly like English Breakfast Tea! 
Brochettes De Poulet (Chicken Skeers) 9 € (S$14.1)
The partner ordered the Brochettes De Poulet (Chicken Skeers) which was served with salad, fries, wheat and chicken meat on metal skewers. This was well worth the wait. The chicken chunks on the metal skewers were cooked to perfection. So tender and juicy on the inside. On the outside, the it was crisp with some parts charred that provided a different texture and also a smokey fragrance. Heavenly! The wheat and fries complemented perfectly and were delish. Not oily too!

Do be careful as the metal skewers are hot.
Brochettes D'Agneau (Lambs' Skeers) 11 € (S$17.2)
I ordered the Brochettes D'Agneau (Lambs' Skeers) which was also served with salad, fries, wheat. The lamb was also cooked just right. The lamb skeers compared to the chicken skeers was slightly tougher. Nevertheless, the chef grasped the cooking time perfectly. Moreover, it was well marinated. What a great meal! 
The bread was served after we were halfway through our mains. It was hard and tough to chew. By then, we were too full and left the bread untouched.

Although the service tended to be on the slower end, the staff were friendly. Overall, the mains were well executed and it was an enjoyable meal.

Next post on Europe will be on Pierre Herme!

Galerie Kebab (France, Paris) 
8 Rue Joubert
75009 Paris 9
Île-de-France, France
Tel: +01 48 74 13 09
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 11am - 1030pm

The locations are as follows:
A - Pierre Herme in Galeries Lafayette
B - Croque SaveurGalerie Kebab
Blue area shows Galeries Lafayette

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  1. I enjoyed the Turkish tea during my trip to Turkey last feb. I also bought a few boxes of their apple and pomegranate tea. Middle Eastern food are my fav and I can see how lovely the meals you had were.


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