Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant (Bugis+)

Yayoiken a well-known Japanese restaurant chain specialises in serving Japanese-Western cuisine. The Japanese restaurant has come a long way with its first stall opened in Kayabacho, Tokyo more than 125 years ago! At that time, western cuisine was rare in Japan. Today, Yayoiken has 180 restaurants in Japan and 60 in Thailand. In Singapore, Yayoiken has two outlets. The first was opened Liang Court in December 2011 while it's second outlet is at Bugis+ which was opened in May 2012. 

Miso Katsu Set $13.90
Ordered the Miso Katsu Set which consisted of rice and soup along with a main dish (Miso Katsu) and two side dishes (Pickles and Beancurd). Yayoiken follows the traditional culinary concept called 'ichiju-sansai' which literally means 'one soup and three sides'. This refers to a three dishes (one main and two sides) along with rice and miso soup.
Miso Katsu Set - Pickles
Free flow of pickles, every table has a bottle full of 'tsukemono' pickles placed at the side.
Miso Katsu Set - Miso Katsu
The Miso Katsu, pork cutlet simmered with miso paste (sauce) was served with potato and an egg. The Miso Katsu was well flavoured but too tough for my liking. In addition, the miso paste made the crust of the katsu soggy. I should have have realised that before ordering. The upside was that the the miso paste complemented well with rice. 

Service wise, had a hard time getting the attention of the service staff. They seemed to be under-staff and unable to cope with the crowd.

Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant (Bugis+)
201 Victoria Street
#01-08 Bugis+ (former Iluma)
Tel: 6636 5448
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm 

Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant (Liang Court)
117 River Valley Road
#B1-50 Meidi-Ya Supermarket, Liang Court
Tel: 6338 7170
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

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  1. Hmm, looks like a disappointing meal. Too bad :(

    1. yup. No pull factor to go there for now. Will wait for the push factor to try another dish.

  2. The most horrible experience was... they charged me 10% service charge while I have to topped up the rice my service, made the order myself, kept requesting for drink refill... wont step a foot in that horrible place ANYMORE~!

    1. oh wow, after nearly a year they never improve their service.


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