Sunday, 18 September 2011

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd

Shin Yuu is a restaurant that serves Ala Carte Japanese Buffet. Came here during lunch time on a weekend. The food was great!
Shin Yuu japanese Restaurant

Ok here comes the food. Will not comment too much unless its super yummy!
Complimentary Smoke Duck, Salmon Belly, Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi (Salmon)
The Salmon Belly and Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi (Salmon) were delicious. Especially the Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi, it is the probably one of the best sushi I have ever eaten. Perfect, flawless and with melt in your mouth sensation. A oversight not to order another serving of Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi.
Complimentary Grilled beef short ribs
Overcooked, too hard to chew.
Complimentary Wafu Steak
Wafu Steak another must try. So soft and tender with melt in your mouth sensation!
Complimentary Gyoza
Sashimi Moriwase (Mixed Platter)
Sashimi Moriawase has six different kinds of sashimi; Maguro(tuna),Hiramasa (kingfish), Shake (salmon), Mekajiki (swordfish) and tako(octopus)
Shin Yuu Special Chawanmushi
Shin Yuu Special Chawanmushi, steam egg with salmon roe.
Shin Yuu Special Makimono (Unagi with Avocado)
Shin Yuu Special Makimono is a must try.

Special Sakana Chiizu (Dory fish with cheese)
Special Sakana Chiizu, can skip.
Hotate Mentaiyaki
Hotate Mentaiyaki, grilled scallops with cod roe sauce. Scallop taste fishy!
Chuka Idako (baby octopus)
Ebi Tempura
Ebi Tempura, the prawn inside was fresh, firm and solid.
Spare Ribs Teriyaki
Pork ribs with sweet soya sauce, the meat was tender and soft!
Tebasaki, grilled chicken wings. Soft, tender and juicy inside, totally shiok!
Kani Karage (soft shell crab)
Green Salad in Special Dressing
The green salad was so delish that we had to order two bowls !

Overall, a good experience, certainty a place to come back to. In addition, good service too; constant refilling of green tea. The staff also frequently change our dirty plates. Looks like there are several hidden gems in Greenwood Ave, a place worth exploring!

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant
16 Greenwood Avenue
Hillcrest Park
Tel: 6763 4939  
Opening Hours:Lunch: 12pm – 3pm Lunch :$36.90++ (Adult), $21.90++(Child)                              
                                Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm Dinner :$49.90++ (Adult), $29.90++ (Child)          

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  1. was the sashimi platter limited to a single serving or was it unlimited?

    Thinking of going there with my friends next week!

    1. Hi Oysterdiaries

      no, its unlimited. When I went over there last year for lunch, the complimentary dihes are the
      - Smoke Duck, Salmon Belly, Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi (Salmon)
      - wafu steak
      - gyoza
      - short ribs

      I like the food there! (taste is subjective) but well, try it!


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