Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hainan Chicken Rice Ball (Jalan Besar)

Singaporeans love chicken rice, there will always be a chicken rice stall in a food court and at coffee shops. This chicken rice stall located at Jalan Besar, oppsite Sim Lim Tower, near Sim Lim Square. The stall is different/special from the many chicken rice stalls in Singapore. What is the difference? The stall name is Hainan Chicken Rice Ball, well the name clearly states why it is different/special - rice ball.

Chicken Rice Set $4.00

I ordered the Chicken Rice Set which consists of 2 rice balls, steam chicken, pork belly and a bowl of soup.
Chicken Rice Balls
Just before serving, the Chicken Rice Balls were shaped into balls. Each grain of rice was soft, hence it was easily shaped. Moreover, the rice balls were fragrant as the flavours of chicken, garlic and ginger were infused into it. 
'White' Chicken & Pork Belly
The 'White' Chicken was different from other stalls. It was skinless and boneless. Moreover, black sauce was drizzled over it. Despite the chicken being dry, it was amazing soft and tender.

As for the Pork Belly, it was soft, tender and fatty. Black sauce was drizzled over it too enhancing its already flavourful taste. I am not a fan of pork belly, hence did not enjoy it. But I am sure for people who enjoy pork bell, they will like this!
The set came with Soup. Normally, chicken rice soup are full of MSG. Well, this was a black colour soup that had distinct herbal taste. But, honestly speaking, I have no idea the type of herbs were used or if herbal ingredients were used. 
Overall, a very unique stall that is certainty very different from the other chicken rice stalls in Singapore with it's own character. 
Hainan Chicken Rice Ball
Boon Hwa Food Center
43 Jalan Besar

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