Friday, 16 September 2011

Syiok Café

*Edited Aug 2012: Syiok Cafe has closed.*

Syiok Cafe previously from Beach Road, is a small and cozy eating outlet specialising in dishing out Nasi Ayam PenyetNasi Ayam Penyet is an Indonesian/Malay cuisine of smashed fried chicken with steam white rice.
Syiok Cafe
Signature dishes
Nasi Ayam Penyet ($4) and Nasi Ikan Penyet ($5). Do note there is a price increase. The poster prices above are not updated.
Syiok Cafe Menu
While waiting for your food, you can snack on these complimentary crackers. Its very addictive, once you start, you can’t stop.
Nasi Ayam Penyet
The Ayam Penyet came separately from the rice. It is very crispy on the outside. Inside, the meat is soft and tender. The chicken meat is quite fresh. It was not very oily too. The sambal chilli is spicy, wish that more sambal chilli was given. This is my 2nd time eating here, the first time, I felt that the chicken was too small and it was on the oily side. This 2nd time, I felt that it was actually quite nice, in fact was syiok(shiok)!
Certainty a place to recommend to your friends to come and try. The location is quite ulu, but despite that, it can get crowded at times (during lunchtime).

Syiok Cafe (Arab Street)
No.6 Jalan Kledek
Singapore 199528

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