Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake 徹思叔叔起司蛋糕 (ION Orchard)

Uncle Tetsu 徹思叔叔起司蛋糕 has opened its first outlet in Singapore!! If you have not heard of this brand, this is a very famous and popular brand - for using premium Japanese dairy ingredients to produce Japanese style cheesecake. Uncle Tetsu originated from Kyushu, Japan and has been in operation since 1990s. It has outlets in Japan, China (e.g. Shanghai) and Taiwan (e.g. Taipei). In Taipei and Shanghai, it is so popular that there are perpetual queues and customers are limited to a purchase of 1 box each. 
Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake $9.90

Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake $9.90

Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake $9.90
The spongy cheesecake $9.90 was incredibly soft, light and fluffy. It kind of melts in the mouth. In addition, it did not taste too cheesy and was not dry. I am not even a fan of cheesecake and would only take one bite of most cheesecake just to test the flavour. But for Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake, I must totally love it! Shiok! A must try!

I wonder if queues will start to form for this too. 

Do note, their cheesecake can only last a few days as they use little or no preservatives. 

Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake徹思叔叔起司蛋糕 (ION Orchard)
#B4-35 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

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  1. I just recently heard about this..long queue in Singapore?

    1. Hi Derrick,
      not sure. But I was wondering if queue will form for this in Singapore (since there are queues in Taipei and Shanghai).

  2. I'm definitely not into sweet stuffs. But cheese is one of those that melts me. Seems like this version is a good search.

  3. Lines are long in the US as well. It's selling at US$14 so it's definitely cheaper here. Goes well with coffee or tea and it's addicting ����


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