Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tiong Shian Porridge 長城粥品 (New Bridge Road) 2nd Post

Another visit to Tiong Shian Porridge located near Chinatown MRT station along New Bridge Road.
Tiong Shian Porridge needs no introduction among foodies. Readers of FoodieFC would have known that I am a great fan of this place. Despite living in the North, I still find myself (with her) making a special trip down here. (I am a foodie!!) For the benefit of doubt, Tiong Shian Porridge specialises in serving porridge and claypot frog leg! Yet again, during this visit, the place is packed!
The lady who determines if you get 1 piece more or less meat.
Raw Fish in the freezer
Look at the number of plates of Raw Fish in the freezer!

Here's how to order: Find a empty table (or share a table). Make your order at the cashier and inform them of your table number. Lastly, pay and wait for it to be delivered to you. We waited for around 20 minutes this time before getting our food. Lucky us! During our last visit, we waited for half-an-hour.
Raw Fish (small) $3.90
Tiong Shian Porridge is also know for its Raw Fish. You can observe this for yourself when you are there. Almost every one orders this! The Raw Fish consist of slices of raw fish, chilli, ginger, lettuce, spring onions and shallots. All you need to do is to squeeze the lime juice and mix the ingredients up! The fish is fresh with no fishy taste. This is a must order! For just $3.90 you get so many pieces of raw fish and it taste so yummy.
Braised Bean Curd $2.60
We observed that most people ordered the Braised Bean Curd (Lou Bean Curd). Hence, we decided to order one too. The Braised Bean Curd was unique. It was very soft, and silky smooth on the inside. The sauce on top complement the dish well especially when paired with plain porridge. Add in the chilli at the side to give it a spice it up.
Shredded Chicken Porridge $3.20
The Shredded Chicken Porridge was on the salty end. However, I must mention that the shredded chicken was well marinated and cooked. Very flavourful and soft chicken meat!
Dried Chilli Frog Leg $8.00
Ordered Dried Chilli Frog Leg again. Right amount of sweetness and spiciness. The frog (meat) was tender and flavourful having adsorbed the sauce. Delicious! 
Plain Porridge $0.60
As usual, I ordered a bowl of Plain Porridge for myself. The reason for ordering this is to add the sauce from Dried Chilli Frog Leg and the frog leg into this! It will transform into the best plain porridge ever.

Again, Tiong Shian Porridge is one of my favourite food destination especially for porridge or claypot frog leg.  The down side is that you have to be prepared to sweat it out eating this as this place is not air-conditioned. (this is something worth sweating for). Should you have difficulty finding seats, there's level 2!

Tiong Shian Porridge 長城粥品 (New Bridge Road)
265 New Bridge Road, Ann Kway Building
Tel: 6221 1596 / 6222 3911
Opening Hours: Daily 8am to 4am

Tiong Shian Porridge 長城粥品 (Whampoa Drive)
Blk 82 Whampoa Drive
Tel: 6254 0952
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 9am - 230pm, 4pm - 12am
                          Sat 9am - 12am 


  1. wow! the Raw Fish looks yummy! Rudy & I will try it one of these days! ;)

    1. It is! Very fresh! That was why I asked where you ate your raw fish (in one of your post). Initially, I thought was the same stall.

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  2. All of these are my kind of food. Somehow among those we have here of the same similar dishes, the raw fish is new for me. The type of raw fish dishes I have tried are the yee sang and sashimi from Japanese restaurant.

    1. This raw fish is totally different from Yee Sang and Sashimi. Looks like you can add this to your list of must try when you come Singapore! =)

  3. What a nice find, I haven't come across good places for yusheng besides my current fav at Maxwell food center, but the queue there is really long. Just look at that cabinet full of fishy treasure!

    1. Which stall at maxwell food centre? Zhen Zhen porridge?

      This one you do not need to queue, just order, sit down and wait =)

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