Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tao's Restaurant (PoMo) 2nd Post

Another visit to Tao's Restaurant located at the basement of PoMo (formerly known as Paradiz Centre). Tao's Restaurant is a fushion restaurant that serves a combination of Western and Asian Cuisine. It is well known for its concept of set menu; serving 6 to 7 course meal at affordable prices. 

Modern classy design.

During my visit last year, I was expecting the price to increase. But to my surprise, there was no increase. Well, this year, there was an increase in price, which was expected. Their new menu now looks so classy!

Lunch: 6 Course Set Meal at $21.80++
Dinner: 7 Course Set Meal at $31.80++

I visited during lunch time with a group of friends (6 to be exact), hence it was a 6 Course Set Meal.
Starter - Bacon & Mushroom Gratin
Bread (2 pieces per person)
Course 1: Starter - Bacon & Mushroom Gratin with toasted bread (soft and fluffy). Bacon & Mushroom Gratin baked with mushroom, bacon and cheese. It was perfect using it as a spread on the bread. Delicious! You can request for more pieces of bread!
Salads - Prawn Roll with Pork Floss
Course 2: Salads - Prawn Roll with Pork Floss. Light, refreshing and sweet. It is akin to popiah. The pork floss inside added unique texture and taste to the prawn roll! I have also tried Top Shell Salad, Farm Boy Splendour and Fruit Salad during my past visits. My favourite is still Prawn Roll with Pork Floss!
Salads - Huai San & Tofu
Course 2: Salads - Huai San & Tofu. Will not comment on those that I did not taste. 
Soups - Cream of Mushroom
Course 3: Soups - Cream of Mushroom. Another of my favourite! This bowl of soup is for mushrooms lovers only, contains 100% mushrooms! Chunks of mushrooms in each spoonful. The whole bowl of soup has a strong essence/flavour of mushroom. Definitely made themselves and different from the ones you get outside from cans. Can't help but notice that the bowl is the same colour as the bowl. 
Soups - Cream of Pumpkin
Course 3: Soups - Cream of Pumpkin. I am a mushroom person! Having said that I am sure you know which soup I prefer. 
Main Entrees - Spicy Stingray
Course 4: Main Entrees - Spicy Stingray. This stingray is different from those at Chomp Chomp, East Coast Park or other restaurants. The stingray was very fresh and well cooked. It was definitely not barbecued or fried. Most likely steamed? The sambal chilli on top was very spicy and certainty complement the stingray well. For those who can't take spicy food, you are strongly advised to avoid this! 
Main Entrees - Grilled Sea Bass with Japanese Sauce
Course 4: Main Entrees - Grilled Sea Bass with Japanese Sauce. During our last visit, the staff actually informed us not to order this dish as the Sea Bass was not fresh. Where else will the staff tell you not to order certain dish as the ingredients are not fresh? So far this is the only place that I know that does this! Kudos to Tao's Restaurant.
Main Entrees - Slow-cooked Pork Back Ribs
Course 4: Main Entrees - Slow-cooked Pork Back Ribs
Desserts - Brownie with Ice Cream 
Course 5: Desserts - Brownie with Ice Cream. Nothing to shout about for this dish. 
Desserts - Tiramisu
Course 5: Desserts -  Tiramisu.
Desserts - Yangsheng Poached Pear with Red Dates
Course 5: Desserts - Yangsheng Poached Pear with Red Dates. 
Beverages - Iced Rose Apple Tea (left), Iced Tropical Grapefruit Tea (right)
Course 6: Beverages - Iced Tropical Grapefruit Tea.
Beverages - Iced Rose Apple Tea
Course 6: Beverages - Iced Rose Apple Tea. This is my favourite! Refreshing, light drink with hints rose tea fragrant. Inside, there are pieces of apple (can be eaten) and rose buds.
Beverages - Iced Grassjelly Mint Tea
Course 6: Beverages - Iced Grassjelly Mint Tea

Despite the price increase, I still find the lunch at Tao's Restaurant value for money. I especially like the Bacon & Mushroom GratinPrawn Roll with Pork FlossCream of Mushroom SoupIced Rose Apple Tea and Tiramisu. 

*Edited: Tao's has moved to Central #04-86 (Clarke Quay)*

Tao's Restaurant (PoMo) 
1 Selegie Road
#B1-19 PoMo
Tel: 6339 8858
Opening Hours: Daily 1130am - 10pm

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