Thursday, 25 January 2018

Teochew Meat Puff 潮州香饼 (Pasar Malam - Street Market)

Teochew Meat Puff 潮州香饼 is a very popular pasar malam stall in Singapore. It does not operate at a permanent physical location as it roams around Singapore, making it presence felt at certain pasar malam locations. 
As such, fans of this stall are updated on its location through its Facebook Page. It has over 7,500 followers on its page. I guess by MOF's standard, this would mean that it is a ''Facebook influencer''! (pun intended)
The teochew meat puffs come with different varieties such as oyster, crab, octopus, prawn, scallop and vegetable. The popular ones are the oyster and prawn versions. 
If you are a frequent visitor of pasar malam, you would probably have seen this stall before. It is fairly easy to spot it as it would be the stall with the longest and slowest moving queue.  
The reason main reason why the waiting time is long is because each puff is made freshly upon order. It is important to take note that each meat puff takes about 45 seconds to handmade and 10 to 15 minutes to cook. Also, most people in the queue are ordering minimally two meat puffs. Some order five meat puffs! These add up to the waiting time. 

Just to illustrate the waiting time, during non-peak hours at 2pm on a weekday with a queue of 6 persons in front, the waiting time can be around half an hour. During peak period, evening time, a queue of 12 persons will easily mean a waiting time of at least 1 hour! I have even heard of people waiting for 2 hours! 
It is not an easy job making the meat puffs and cooking them in the sweltering heat. I really salute the owners for their effort in ensuring each handmade meat puffs are perfectly made and cooked in the heat.

So how was the meat puff? It was huge. The outer layer was crisp while the inner layer was filled with moists minced pork meat and mushrooms, lots of Chinese parsley and the filling of your choice. This is best shared among at least 2 persons! I would certainly order this again if the queue is less than half an hour long! 

Lastly, a video of how the meat puff is made! 

Teochew Meat Puff 潮州香饼 (Pasar Malam - Street Market) 
Opening Hours: 1pm to 10pm daily during event days
Tel: 9879 9874

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