Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tracy Juice Culture (Fortune Centre)

Tracy's Special Udon $6.90
Tracy Juice Culture is a small vegetatrian eatery located at the first level of Fortune Centre. The eatery offers a variety of healthy drinks ranging from Apple Wheat, Creamy Beetroot to Sunflower Carrot. It does not offer much solid food other than the Udon and Wild Rice Congee. They also sell Thunder Tea Rice on certain days. The Thunder Tea Rice availability can be found via their Facebook.
Tracy Juice Culture has a small seating capacity of around 25. Most of the days when I pass by during dinner/lunch time, the eatery is packed. I visited on a Saturday afternoon and the eatery was packed as usual.
Tracy’s Special Udon is something which I had always wanted to try. Whenever I walk pass the eatery, I always smell the aromatic fragrance.  This is a dish which nearly everyone orders.
Tracy's Special Udon $6.90

The Tracy’s Special Udon $6.90 consist of Japanese Udon served with mushrooms, broccoli, mock meat, and cherry tomatoes in a soup base that is made from tomatoes and parsley blended with mushrooms. The highlight is the soup which is so (souperlicious) delicious! It was so good that I drank every single bit, till the bowl was sparkling clean (everyone does that too). As for the rest of the ingredients they were average. They could have cooked the broccoli a little long as they were a tad too hard and the mushrooms were hard and dry. A pity the mushrooms did not adsorb the essence of the soup, else it would have been fantastic. Nevertheless, the wonderfully executed soup made up for it.

Tracy Juice Culture (Fortune Centre) 
190 Middle Road #01-34 Singapore 188978
Tel: +65 6224 0701 / +65 6336 0754
Opening Hours: Daily 9 am to 7.30 pm

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  1. It tasted really good and wholesome. I ate it yesterday and have been having the runs, fever and vomiting. Wonder if there were too much minced mushrooms or the mushrooms weren't cooked thoroughly. Feeling really lousy now.


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