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Dazzling Cafe Sky 蜜糖土司專賣店 (Taiwan, Taichung)

Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle 200 TWD (S$8.70) 
Dazzling Cafe is a popular cafe chain in Taiwan known for their Shibuya Honey Toast. Did you know the Dazzling Group first started out as a clothing and jewelry boutique called Dazzling Fashion before embarking on the Food and Beverage journey.
We went to Dazzling Cafe Sky in Taichung which is located in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store.
We visited on a weekday afternoon at around 2.30pm. We were surprised to learn that the cafe was fully booked (all the air conditioned seats). Yes, at 2.30pm! Ridiculous right? It is a weekday, don't people need to work!
This whole area (indoor) was booked. Even the empty they were reserved by customers for the sitting at 3pm. We understand that those dining indoors had a 90-minute time limit., even then it was still fully booked. That is how popular Dazzling Cafe is!
The only place left is alfresco dining outside. But that means dining under the sun. These groups of customers were like us, they did not make any reservations.

After weighing our options, we decided to dine under the sun as this cafe was so popular and back then there was no plans to open the cafe in Singapore. It was quite warm but we still went for it =D

This is the menu.
Part of the drinks menu.
Soup, salad and appetizer menu.
The honey toast and waffle menu.
Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea (Pot) (cold) 160 TWD (S$7)
Each person was required to order a drink regardless of how much food is ordered. We ordered the Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea (Pot) (cold) TWD (S$7).
Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea (Pot) 160 TWD (S$7)
Each individual cup was filled with sliced fruits (apple, orange, grape and strawberry) and ice.
Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea (Pot) 160 TWD (S$7)
We all loved the Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea. It was light and refreshing. It kept us cooled and sane despite having to sit under the sun.
Dazzling Cocoa (35% Cocoa) 140 TWD (S$6.10)
This is the Dazzling Cocoa (35% Cocoa) 140 TWD (S$6.10). I had expected it to be better, but it was just too thin for my liking.
Truffle French Fries 210 TWD (S$9.10)
The Truffle French Fries 210 TWD (S$9.10) was delicious. The fries were straight cut (thick fries). They were hot, crisp and  full of truffle aroma. We all loved this dish and polished it off quickly.
Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle 200 TWD (S$8.70) 
Although we were here mainly for the dessert; Shibuya Honey Toast, we decided to also try their Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle 200 TWD (S$8.70). The ice cream was served at the side. The shape of the waffle was unique and it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast 290 TWD (S$12.60)
Now this is the what we really came for, all the way from Singapore! Tada~ Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast 290 TWD (S$12.60). The two pictures did this no justice. It taste way better than it looks. We were very weary that the ice cream was melting very quickly in the heat hence the hastily taken photos.
Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast 290 TWD (S$12.60)
The Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast consisted of thick honey toast, vanilla ice cream and hazelnut sauce. The bread was perfectly flavored and toast. If you thought that the exterior was delicious, wait till you get to the interior. The toast cubes in the interior had hazelnut bits in them. And when you pop one into your mouth, the hazelnut flavour just seems to explodes out. The taste is totally out of the world. It made the trip worth it especially sunning ourselves outside and sweating for a good one hour for this. This is a must try

You have got to visit Dazzling Cafe in Taiwan! One of our member in this group has tried the outlet in Singapore and was disappointed. It was different from what she had in Taiwan. 

Dazzling Cafe Sky 蜜糖土司專賣店 (Taiwan, Taichung)
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi 台中新光三越  
Tai Zhong Gang Rd. Sec.2, No.111 3F 台中港路二段111號3樓 
Tel: 04 2251 8036
Opening Hours: Sun to Thur 11am - 930pm
                           Fri & Sat 11am - 10pm

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  1. The fruity tea and vanilla ice-cream truffle - oh gosh! really divine.


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