Monday, 6 July 2015

Springleaf Prata Place (Upper Thomson Road)

Egg Prata $1.90 (per piece)
Springleaf Prata Place specialises in serving Indian cuisine such as pratas, thosai, goreng goreng and murtabak. I have been visiting this eatery since young and love their roti prata. Regulars would know that this eatery used called The Prata Place and is halal certified.
Over the years, the variety of roti prata has increased. They now offer pratas such as Chicken Floss Prata, Portobello Mozzarella Prata and Plaster Blaster which was created for the Ultimate Hawker Fest.

Plain (Kosong) Prata $1.10 (per piece)
They serve one of the best Plain (Kosong) Prata. The Prata was crispy on the outside (including the edges) and fluffy on the inside. Moreover, it was not oily, they certainly managed the heat well. Dipping it into the aromatic curry made the Prata taste even more heavenly.

The Egg Prata was huge and elongated rectangular in shape! It was crispy but not as fluffy as the Plain Prata at the areas where the egg was. Nevertheless, it was delish and one of the better egg pratas around.
2014 Plaster Blaster $5
The 2014 Plaster Blaster was created for the 2014 Ultimate Hawker Fest. This is the most unique fusion Prata I have ever tried! It is essentially plain prata with turkey ham and egg benedict! Yes, you read this right! It's poached egg with hollandaise sauce! Surprisingly, it tasted delicious. The different taste complemented each other perfectly! What a creation! Genius!
Portobello Mozzarella Prata $5
The Portobello Mozzarella Prata was recommended by a reader on FoodieFC Instagram account. It consisted of plain prata with portobello mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. This need to be eaten immediately when it is served so that the cheese inside is still warm. I am a huge fan of mushroom, needless to say I love this! At $5, the price is a little steep. 

Springleaf Prata Place certainly does not disappoint when I need to satisfy my prata cravings. Although the eatery is air-conditioned, you would smell of curry and prata as it is not well ventilated. But its worth it as the food (prata) is too good to resist and its well worth the calories gained.

Springleaf Prata Place (Upper Thomson Road)
1 Thong Soon Ave 
Springleaf Garden 
Tel: 6459 5670 
Opening Hours:Daily 7am to 12am

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  1. Oh-so-yum. Plaster blaster really tempting. I don't we get such range of prata over here. Creative invention.

    1. They offer a wide variety of prata. Can't wait to see what other creations they will have in the future =D


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