Monday, 20 April 2015

Kway Chap 粿汁 (Blk 93, Toa Payoh)

This Kway Chap 粿汁 stall at Blk 93, Toa Payoh Lor 4 is apparently very famous. From what I was told, there would nearly always be a long queue at this stall. 
This stall opens at 530pm for business. True enough when we got arrived at 730pm on a Friday, there was a queue of around 12 persons. We queue moved extremely slow. We queued for nearly 35 minutes before it was our turn to order. And by then, some of the more popular items such as pig tongue were sold out! 
Kway Chap $11
By the time we collected our food, we were starving! The Kway Chap cost $11 (note that 2 other bowls of kway is not in the above photo).

The bowl of Kway (flat and broad rice sheet) was just average. It was not soaked in the broth long enough an the broth taste more salty than tasty/flavourful.
Braised Pig Intestines (small)
The Braised Pig Intestines (small) were washed so clean that the insides were nearly all washed off and lacked any taste except for the saltiness which came from the braising sauce.
braised egg, tau pok, beancurd, big intestines, fish cakes
As for the rest of ingredients such as the braised egg, tau pok, beancurd and braised pig intestines, they were just average. The fish cake was quite decent.

Needless to say, I am not going to queue so long for this next time.

Kway Chap 粿汁 (Blk 93, Toa Payoh)
#01-40 Blk 93 Hawker Centre
Toa Payoh Lorong 4
Singapore 310093
Opening Hours: Tue, Wed, Fri to Sun 530pm - 11pm
                           Closed on Mon and Thu

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  1. Funny isn't it? Food average in taste yet people seem to favour.

    1. goes to show that food/taste is very subjective. =)


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