Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Soyako (Bukit Timah)

Soyako is a drink and dessert stall located in Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre. If you looked its signboard and menu carefully, you would have noticed that there were a few unique selling points (USPs) which it was trying to broadcast. 
The USPs are: 
- Freshly Made;
- So Fresh, So Good
- No Preservative & Gypsum Powder added 
- 100% Canada imported superior soya bean

Well, the last USP gave the hint of what this stall sold did it not? This stall specialise in selling soya bean drinks and beancurd. There also sold other items such as grass jelly, peanut soup with rice balls and lime juice. 

I think the big plus point was definitely the fact that their beancurd and soya bean drink were freshly made with no preservatives. 
Menu (price list)
The menu (price list) was clearly displayed.
Beancurd with Peanut (warm) $2
My partner ordered the Beancurd with Peanut (warm) $2. As I did not order this, I did not knew what the stall looks like, neither did I knew about its USP.

To be frank, I was quite surprised that that was such a combination and was puzzled why my partner ordered this. 
Beancurd with Peanut $2
I was blown away when I tried the Beancurd with Peanut. Despite how ordinary and plain it looked, it tasted extraordinary. The texture of the beancurd was so silky, smooth and fine. In addition, it was so soft that it had a melt in the mouth sensation. The peanuts topping were very smooth and soft. Taste wise, it was just right with a strong soya bean flavour and was not too sweet. 

This bowl of Beancurd with Peanut was very well executed. It was just so good that despite how warm the hawker centre was, we still enjoyed this bowl of warm beancurd with peanut! You can literally feel the love and passion put into making this bowl of beancurd. I know this sounds silly, but still I am going to rate this as a die die must try! I can eat this everyday! 

Soyako (Bukit Timah)
#02-166 Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre 
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588172
Tel: 9733 1107
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 8am - 10pm
                          Closed on Sun

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  1. We have the same over here, in fact we also get with choc chips, longan etc etc.


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