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Nana's Green Tea (Plaza Singapura)

Nana's Green Tea first started off as the Japanese version of Starbucks in Jiyugaoka, Japan. It all began when the owner (a Japanese man) was worried that the culture of drinking tea would be overtaken by coffee. Hence, he started Nana's Green Tea and concentrated on Japanese green tea and Japanese Food. Nana's Green Tea has many outlets in Japan. Besides Japan, they have also expanded to China, Hong Kong and even Singapore. 
Nana's Green Tea opened its first outlet in Singapore at Plaza Singapura (directly above Dhoby Ghaut MRTStation).
The design of the restaurant was unique. Each table was be 'surrounded' by either wooden or metal mesh rectangle frames providing customers with their own private yet cozy dining area. 
Week Day Set Lunch
Nana's Green Tea current has a Week Day Set Lunch promotion from 11am to 230pm on weekdays. With the promotion, customers can order any main course and a beverage below $8.00 for only $13.90! In my opinion, this lunch promotion is a real steal considering the prices of the main courses and beverages. Hence, I have went back more on more than four occasions during weekday lunch. 

The photos below are a summary of what I ate over several occasions. For reference, I will show the ala carte prices. 
Matcha Soft Cream Latte (cold) $8
Judging from the name (i.e. Nana's Green Tea), I knew that I had to try their Green Tea (Matcha). I ordered the Matcha Soft Cream Latte (cold) $8 which was topped with soft serve vanilla ice cream. It was initially very bitter at first. The magic starts when the ice cream melted resulting in a perfect harmony with the green tea. More creamy, sweeter and yet retained the distinctive green tea fragrance and bitterness.
Thin Matcha Green Tea Float (cold) $8
The Thin Matcha Green Tea Float (cold) $8 was topped with green tea ice cream was served without milk and sugar. Instead, sugar syrup was given. Personally, I preferred the Matcha Soft Cream Latte.
Hoji Kuromitsu Latte (cold) $8
Hoji Kuromitsu Latte $8 could be served hot or cold. I ordered the cold version. This drink is a type of Japanese green tea. The difference is that it is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal resulting in its colour and a caramelised taste. As I had not tried this before, I decided to try this. I did not like the taste of it. I will stick to the green tea instead. 
Azuki Latte (hot) $7
Azuki Latte $7 could be served hot or cold. The Azuki (red beans) was boiled with sugar and then blended with milk. Despite its dull appearance, it was quite addictive. The hot one was a tad too sweet. I preferred the cold version better as the ice helped lessen the sweetness level. 
Unagi Mabushi Don $16.80
The Unagi Mabushi Don $16.80 consisting of grilled soy marinated eel served with Japanese rice and topped with sesame, nori (seaweed) and spring onion was the most expensive main course. It was served with a bowl of miso soup. Their miso soup was quite good! 
Unagi Mabushi Don $16.80
Unagi Mabushi Don was easily one of the best main course in Nana's Green Tea. The grilled eel was so delectable and soft that it provided a melt in the mouth sensation. With the juices from the soy marinated eel drizzled over the rice along with the toppings, the rice was so savoury and addictive. 
Salmon and Maguro Don $15.80
The Salmon and Maguro Don $15.80 was also served with a bowl of miso soup and special sesame oil. It comprised of soy marinated tuna and salmon served over Japanese rice topped with sesame, nori, pickled ginger, spring onion, daikon sprout and mayonnaise sauce. 
Salmon and Maguro Don $15.80
Drizzle the special sesame oil over this dish to enhance the taste further. Although there was a generous serving of salmon and maguro (tuna), it was a pity that they were not fresh.
Sukiyaki Udon $14.80
Sukiyaki Udon $14.80 was served with sliced beef, toufu, mushroom, leek, poached egg and udon. The poached egg was decently executed and the egg yolk was still runny. Overall, it was a decent bowl of udon, but more ingredients could have been given. 
Sukiyaki Don $14.80
Sukiyaki Don $14.80 was similar to the Sukiyaki Udon, instead of Udon, it was served with Don (rice). 
Sukiyaki Don $14.80
We preferred the Sukiyaki Udon as the beef slices in the Sukiyaki Don was harder and saltier. 
Gyu Shabu Goma Dare Udon $15.80
The Gyu Shabu Goma Dare Udon $15.80 was beautifully presented. It consisted of beef slices, tomato, corn, cucumber, lettuce, spring onion, daikon sprout with cold udon. The difference ingredients provided different textures (crunchy, hard, soft) and flavours to this dish. It was exciting going through this dish at the initial stage. However, towards the end, I got jelak (tired) of eating this dish. 
Locomoko Don $15.80
Locomoko Don $15.80 comprised of beef patty, tomato, broccoli, lettuce, poached egg and Japanese rice. The tomato sauce which was added over the beef patty was just too spicy for our liking. It overwhelmed the other flavours. What a pity. 

Although there was hits and misses, the Week Day Set Lunch promotion made it so much more affordable having a meal at Nana's Green Tea! 

Nana's Green Tea (Plaza Singapura)
#03-80/82 The Atrium@Orchard
Plaza Singapura 
68 Orchard Road  
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6684 4312 
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm

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  1. Oh Oh!! I love everything yet the green tea floats are good and savory dishes as well. Quite a great spread and tempting.


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