Friday, 28 February 2014

Yan Kee Noodle House at BK Eating House

I have heard about a noodle stall in a coffeeshop at Circular road which specialises in Dry Mee Sua. This is unique to me as Fishball Noodles and Bak Chor Mee (mee pok or mee kia) nearly always take the limelight in any noodle stall, not mee sua.
The stall is called Yan Kee Noodle House at BK Eating House located at the junction of South Bridge Road and Circular Road. Another factor which makes it so unique is that the stall is open 24 hours and is only closed on Sundays.
When I visited on a weekday noon, the eating house was surprisingly empty. There were only a handful customers. There was also no queue at Yan Kee Noodle House.
Needless to say, I ordered their Speciality Dry Mee Sua, made payment and waited for the food to be served to my table.
Speciality Dry Mee Sua $3.50
The Speciality Dry Mee Sua cost $3.50.
Speciality Dry Mee Sua $3.50
Speciality Dry Mee Sua $3.50
The Speciality Dry Mee Sua was served with fishballs, meatballs, minced meat, lean meat, a whole mushroom, ikan bilis and pork lard. What stood out was that the mee sua which was amazingly springy, not soggy. In addition, each strand of mee sua when well mixed was well coated with the chilli and vingear sauce which is bounded to entice your taste buds. The two handmade fishballs, bigger than what you get else where also deserved a mention. They were bouncy and firm with no fishy taste. The smaller things to note which made this such a wonderful dish was the crunchy ikan bilis and pork lard which gave an additional dimension to the texture and oomph of the dish.

For just $3.50, they were so generous with the ingredients. Value for money and yummy! 

Yan Kee Noodle House at BK Eating House 
BK Eating House
21 South Bridge Rd (Junction of South Bridge Rd & Circular Rd)
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 24 hrs
                         Closed on Sun

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  1. It is oomph for sure; pork lard and ikan bilis just blends into the noodles and worth the price.

  2. went there for lunch today, and apparently it doesn't come with fishballs?! was told to pay an extra $1 if I wanted it

    1. thats weird! I never pay for the fishballs. The bowl of mee sua with the ingredients in it cost $3.50

  3. Went there for lunch today - 1 June 2017. Standard dropped tremendously. Noodles were soggy and clumpy, seasoning was off. Disappointed.


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