Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Prata Place (Upper Thomson Road)

Another visit to The Prata Place for supper. The first post can be found here. As the name of the eatery suggests, The Prata Place specialises in serving delicious Prata and Indian Cuisines and is Halal certified!

The place was packed as usual. We sat outside as we did not want to be come out smelling of prata and curry. This will happen if you sit inside (enclosed air-conditioned area). 
Plain Kosong Prata $1 (each)
I ordered 2 Plain Kosong Pratas. This is something which I think they did fantastic in. Cooked upon ordered, the pratas arrived pipping hot and were simply delicious! The pratas were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The texture and flavour was wonderfully managed, it was a joy tearing the prata into smaller pieces and eating it without any sugar or curry.
Alternatively, the prata can be dipped into the curry gravy given. The curry gravy had a good balance of taste that is a good hallmark of a good curry gravy. Much better than those at other prata shops and not overly spicy or oily. My favourite! 
Egg Prata $1.70
The Egg Prata was huge! It was crispy but not as fluffy as the plain kosong prata. Nevertheless, it was delish and one of the better egg pratas around.

The Prata Place is still a good place to satisfy my prata cravings. I will certainly recommend this eatery as the calories gained here is absolutely worth it! Hope that the eatery continue to strive. Many more good years to come!

The Prata Place (Upper Thomson Road)
1 Thong Soon Ave
Springleaf Garden
Tel: 6459 5670
Opening Hours:Daily 7am to 12am

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