Friday, 14 September 2012

Xiang Xiang 香香(Chong Pang Food Centre)

Xiang Xiang 香香 is a Fish Ball Noodles stall located at Chong Pang Food Centre in Yishun. This stall has been around for a long time and has a loyal customer base. It is very popular, expect to wait 30 minutes for your food to be served during peak hours.
Fish Ball Noodles $2.50 (Mee Pok Dry with Chilli)
Fish Ball Noodles $2.50 (Mee Pok Dry with Chilli)
Fish Ball Noodles (Mee Pok Dry with Chilli). The noodles were topped with generous amount of bean sprouts, spring onions and pork lard. The chilli sauce at the bottom when mixed with the noodles was a perfect match and had me wanting for more. The noodles were well cooked; soft and springy (QQ). Coupled with the bean sprouts, it provided crunchiness to the bowl of wonderful fish ball noodles.
Fish Balls
For just $2.50, you get 5 pieces of fish ball (not forgetting the bowl of noodles). And mind you, it is not any normal pathetic small size fish balls. The fish balls here were slightly bigger than normal (elsewhere). How good is the fish ball? Well, taste is subjective. So why not let me just say this and you decide for yourself. During (every) Eve of Chinese New Year, they sell lots and lots of the fish balls (if I am right, the number of fish balls they sell is close to a couple of thousands during this period). Many customers purchase the uncooked fish balls from them and use them for their reunion steam boat and other dishes over the next few days.

Another stall at Chong Pang Food Centre worth a try. 

Xiang Xiang 香香(Chong Pang Food Centre)
Blk 105 Yishun Ring Road
#01-153 Chong Pang Food Centre

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  1. The fish ball soup looks heavenly and luckily I made the same soup today for lunch, at least I satisfied my craving before looking at the pic.

  2. Wah, only $2.50! Hard to find this kind of price now :<

    1. Moreover, they were generous with the ingredients!


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