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Bei Sheng Seafood Restaurant 北腾泰国小食 (Yishun)

Bei Sheng Seafood Restaurant 北腾泰国小食 located at Yishun Avenue 5 has been operating for quite a long time. The restaurant specialises in serving Thai cuisine. I used to patronise the restaurant frequently a long time ago (7 years ago), however after that I stopped going there as it started getting ridiculously crowded. Back then the restaurant used to be called 'Bei Sheng Lou'

The restaurant has both indoors and outdoors seating. Indoor is air-conditioned and frequently packed. Outdoor is quite well-ventilated and easier to get seats. 

This post will be a consolidation of pictures and reviews from several visits.
Menu Cover Page
Menu (a)
Menu (b)
Bei Sheng Seafood Restaurant's menu (excluded the drinks menu).
The indoor environment.
Outdoor environment.

Once you have ordered, normally, you do not need to wait too long even though there is a full house. They serve the dishes very fast!
Pineapple Fried Rice
A better closed up from a recent trip
The Pineapple Fried Rice was delicious. Very well fried; fragrance of pineapple was evenly mixed in the rice. Moreover, there chinese sausage was added to enhanced the taste of the dish. It was topped with pork floss that added flavour and also a crunchy twist to the dish.
Fried Tang Hoon
Give the Fried Tang Hoon a skip, not worth ordering.
Deep Fried Cuttlefish 
Deep Fried Cuttlefish was average, nothing great about it. But kudos to them that this dish arrived piping hot, was crispy and not greasy.
Thai Deep Fried Fish Delight
The Thai Deep Fried Fish Delight is a dish that I order every time I visit Bei Sheng Seafood Restaurant. The fish was deep fried till it was very crispy yet not oily. Dipping it into the sour and spicy sauce heightens the oomph of this dish to  a whole new level. A dish that I would recommend!
Chicken with Dried Chilli
The Chicken with Dried Chilli was another dish that I did not like, did not suit my taste bud.
Fried Chilli Beancurd
The Fried Chilli Beancurd was a dish recommended to us by the staff. It was disappointing, I did not like this dish one bit. The different flavours of the ingredients did not get infused together. It was as if each ingredient was cooked separately and then added on the hot plate just before serving.
Baby Kai Lan  with Oyster Sauce
The Baby Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce was very well cooked and still crunchy. The only downside is that it was slightly on the salty end.
Vegetable with Abalone Mushroom
The Vegetable with Abalone Mushroom was well cooked too. This dish suits my palate (most likely due to the abalone mushroom added).
Sambal Kang Kong
The Sambal Kang Kong was great. Well fried, retained the crunchiness of the vegetable. The sambal chilli used in it was irresistible.
Tom Yum Soup
Most Thai restaurants are well-known for their Tom Yum Soup. But in this case I would beg to differ. The Tom Yum Soup was lousy. It was sour and salty, not spicy. Give this a skip.
Lime Juice
Refreshing Lime Juice.

OverallBei Sheng Seafood Restaurant has a mixture of hits and misses. It is very affordable (wallet-friendly) and one of the cheapest Thai restaurant around. Order the right dishes, you will find this very value for money and a great meal.

I do believe it is because of its very affordable price, that is why they are able to pull in such a big crowd. If you live nearby, give this place a try (my guess is you would have probably heard of this place if you stay nearby). 

Ps: When the bill comes do, not be surprised if the person collecting the money tell you (in chinese) 'the meal cost $31, $30 will be sufficient.' This happens quite frequently. Regulars will know what I meant. Whatever, the intend of this is, from a customer perspective, this is a nice gesture.

Bei Sheng Seafood Restaurant 北腾泰国小食 (Yishun)
Blk 701A Yishun Avenue 5 #01-01
Singapore 761701
Tel: 6756 4883
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 2pm, 530pm to 10pm


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  1. I love their food. They have being in this area for very long time. Have you tired their main branch near the Yishun industrial park which is beside the Indian temper?

    1. Yes, I have tired theirs at Yishun Industrial Park. Been there only once as parking there is hard to find and not as easily accessible via public transport. Food standards are the same =)

  2. I think the tip around this is to think of it being a Thai-Chinese joint, and not strictly a Thai food place, because their stuff is quite bastardized. I used to eat at Taste of Thailand eons ago, bck when they were still at the top floor of Sembawang Shopping Centre. Ridiculously cheap cze char, best for poor broke students! Hah.

    1. So its the same restaurant? I rmb ages ago, I ate at a Thai eatery in sembawang shopping centre too, its like a coffeeshop in the shopping mall! Their food was darn good and cheap. I even rmb their pineapple rice was service in a pineapple!

    2. Probably the same, or else, a franchise off the Yishun open air one.

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  5. went to bei sheng with my wife and daughters on 06/11/16,ordered pineapple fried rice,deep fried fish,cereal prawn,tom yum soup,fried tou miao,fried french bean,all dishes GOOD surprised!!! 2nd surprise!! bill cheaper than some of yishun coffeeshop Zi Char. Highly recommended. Cheers


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