Thursday, 18 January 2018

Huat Kee Kway Chap 發記馃汁 (Yishun)

Huat Kee Kway Chap 發記馃汁 is located in a coffeeshop at a quiet neighbourhood in Yishun. Although it is not located near the MRT station, this Kway Chap stall is relatively popular. 
This stall is so popular that they nearly alway sell out their food way before closing time. When I visited on a weekday, they started closing the stall at 11.10 am! Yes, that is how popular they are. 
Although we visited at 10.30am, which is no considered a peak period, we had to wait more than 30 minutes for our food. I cannot imagine the waiting time on weekends.
The broth of the  kway teow, which was light brown, had a tasty and savoury taste. Also, there was a distinct herbal flavour.
We ordered quite a few items to accompany the kway chap. The items were accompanied by a rich and savoury flavoured gravy. Also, the pork belly were tender and soft. I enjoyed dipping them into the homemade chilli which added a refreshing tangy twist to the items.

If you intend to try this, do remember to come early!

Huat Kee Kway Chap 發記馃汁 (Yishun)
333 Yishun Street 31
Singapore 760333
Opening Hours: Thu to Tue 6.30am - 2pm (they sell out way earlier)
                          Closed on Wed

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    1. oh yes, you are right, they shifted several months ago. I forgot to amend the address before posting it.

      Thanks for the reminder.


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