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Liang Court Wednesdays' Food Tasting Trails: Tamoya, Shakey's Pizza and Dulcet & Studio

Continue on with my previous post on Liang Court Wednesdays' Food Tasting Trails, I made 2 trips down to Liang Court on the last day of the food trail for both lunch and dinner. 
Tamoya Udon
For lunch, I visited Tamoya Udon which is a Japanese restaurant that specialises in handmade Udon.
Tamoya Udon
With the Liang Court's Wednesdays' Food Trail Coupon, I was able to try the large Curry Udon (U.P $10.80) with Prawn Tempura (U.P $2.50), Fried Chicken (U.P $1.50) and Chikuwa Tempura (U.P $1). 

Curry Udon
The Curry Udon was delicious. The Udon handmade using three types of flour was the highlight. It was chewy yet soft and smooth. The curry with lots of onions added to it complemented the udon well. 
Prawn Tempura, Chikuwa Tempura and Fried Chicken
The Fried Chicken was decent, while the Prawn and Chikuwa Tempura were disappointing. Both the tempura were cold, hard and no longer crisp. They were also coated with too much batter.
For dinner, the Partner and I went for Shakey's Pizza.
The Liang Court's Wednesdays' Food Trail Coupon provided us with several choices:
(a) Slim Trim Caesar Salad (U.P $5) and Spaghetti Carbonara (U.P $13.80)
(b) Shakey's Baby Back Ribs (Full Slab) (U.P $19.80)
(c) Oishi Wasabi Premium Pizza (90-inch) (U.P $19.80) or;
     Hula Hawaiian Classic Pizza (9-inch)(U.P $18.80)

We went for option (a) and (c). 
Slim Trim Caesar Salad and Spaghetti Carbonara
We ordered the Slim Trim Caesar Salad and Spaghetti Carbonara.
Slim Trim Caesar Salad 
The Slim Trim Caesar Salad consisted of lettuce, egg, parmesan cheese, bacon bits and garlic bread was quite good. Considering the fact that we seldom take salad, we finish this entire dish!
Spaghetti Carbonara
The Spaghetti Carbonara served with bacon and mushrooms with creamy egg sauce may not be the best, but it as certainly quite decently executed.
Oishi Wasabi Premium Pizza 
As we wanted to try something different we decided to order Oishi Wasabi Premium Pizza which consisted of shrimps, scallops, pineapples and wasabi sauce topped with lots of bonito flakes. Surprisingly, the wasabi sauce did not overwhelm the taste and complemented this dish well. We both felt that the shrimps and scallops did not match up to this pizza. Both ingredients were not exactly fresh. What a waste.
Dulcet & Studio
After dinner we walked round the shopping centre and also visited Mediya, the Japanese supermarket while waiting for our food to digest. Before, we headed back home, we stopped over at Dulcet & Studio for its cakes.
The food trail coupon enabled us to order two pieces of cakes and also a cup of regular coffee. As we visited at close to 9pm, most of the more popular cakes had already been sold out. We were just left with three choices. =(
We chose the Rose Chiffon Cake (U.P. $7) and Macha Marble Chiffon Cake (U.P. $4)  with a cup of regular coffee.
Macha Marble Chiffon Cake
The Macha Marble Chiffon Cake was just average. It was soft and fluffy but too dry.  The macha flavour could have been stronger.
Rose Chiffon Cake
The Rose Chiffon Cake fared better. It was soft, fluffy and had a stronger rose fragrant.

The coffee was a huge disappointment. We took just two sips and left it untouched.

That's all for the Liang Court Wednesdays' Food Tasting Trails. I wonder if they will hold this again next year. It's so value for money!

Liang Court Wednesdays' Food Tasting Trails: Tamoya, Shakey's Pizza and Dulcet & Studio
Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road
Singapore 179030

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  1. Wow, that's lots of food in this post. I am not a big fan of udon, so I shall skip it and say yes the dishes in Shakey's esp the salad and wasabi pizza. Been years since I had a meal in Shakey's. I should because looks like there's different types of dishes. The rose cake is really impressive, the color and the layers.

  2. its for lunch and dinner. =)

  3. Oh now I get it. So you brought over 1 meal from your previous trip so you could have 4 meals this time. Does that mean the $30 can be used for more than 1 pax? Meaning one person need not buy one coupon?

    1. Not that I know there's any restriction. For Dulcet & Studio, we used 1 coupon and 2 pax shared the cakes and coffee.

  4. I remember your food trail post. My pick goes to the Carbonara too; looks decent enough.

    1. yea! This marks the end of the food trail!


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