Sunday, 11 August 2013

Ji De Chi 记得吃 (Liang Seah Street)

Ji De Chi 记得吃  is a dessert shop located along Liang Seah Street  (Bugis), opposite Ah Chew Desserts. Ji De Chi has three outlets. The other two outlets are located in Jurong Point and Plaza Singapura. Visited the eatery on a couple of occasions. 
Sawdust Pudding - Green Tea Flavour with Red Bean $5
The Sawdust Pudding (also known as Serradura) is a well-known pudding (dessert) in Macau. It is typically made of crushed biscuits (sawdust) and cream. We ordered the Green Tea Flavour which came with Red Beans. The pudding had 2 layer of biscuits between the cream. My first time trying this, it was satisfying.
Ji De Chi Special Beancurd - Ji De Chi Traditional Ginger Syrup Soya Beancurd (cold) $3
Ji De Chi Special Beancurd tasted normal to me. It was no different from other beancurd sold elsewhere. 
Hot/Cold Dessert - Barley Beanstick with Gingko $2.50
Hot/Cold Dessert - Barley Beanstick with Gingko $2.50
The Barley Beanstick with Gingko was simply yet delicious. Fans of this dish would not be disappointed with Ji De Chi's. It was not diluted and came with lots of beancurd skins. 
Hot/Cold Dessert - Egg Drop Water Chestnut Paste $3
The Egg Drop Water Chestnut Paste was average. I would have preferred it more if the chestnut flavour was more intense. 
Steam Egg White Walnut Paste (Hot) $4
What I normally try else where was Walnut Paste. Ji De Chi's Steam Egg White Walnut Paste was unique to me. The Walnut Paste was underneath the layer of steamed egg white. 
Greem Tea Flavour Snowy Ice $5
One of the flavourite among many customers due to the hot weather was the Geen Tea Flavour Snowy Ice topped with Red Bean, Nata-De-Coco. Value for money and best for sharing with a group of friends! 
There were hits and misses in Ji De Chi 记得吃's desserts. Those that were good were really well... so good! Try it for yourself! 

Ji De Chi 记得吃 (Liang Seah Street)
8 Liang Seah Street
Tel: 6339 9928
Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs 11am - 11pm
                         Fri & Sat 11am - 1130pm 

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  1. The green tea with red bean paste is my fav, in fact I quite like the rest of it. We do have similar outlets over here but its once a while visit for me.

    1. Oh, I am surprised that they are located overseas too!

  2. nvr knew this place had jap and pseudo western desserts like the sawdust...always thot this place only served chinese tian tang!

  3. Steam egg white walnut paste! Interesting. Not seen that around in KL.


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