Saturday, 17 November 2012

Wan Xing Nasi Lemak 万兴椰浆饭,炒米粉 (Albert Centre Market & Food Centre)

Wan Xing Nasi Lemak 万兴椰浆饭,炒米粉 serves Nasi Lemak at wallet friendly price. The stall is located at Albert Centre Market & Food Centre. This stall is very popular, during meal times, the queue can get very long. Fortunately, they are able to clear the queue quite fast.
Wan Xing Nasi Lemak offers seven different sets meals. Alternatively, customers can choose to order a la carte items. 
Set 7 $3.60
I ordered their premium set, Set 7 which was consisted of rice with egg, deep fried chicken wing, luncheon eat, fried fish, sambal long beans, cucumber and ikan bilis with peanuts. The rice was wll executed. Warm and fluffy with each grain infused with pandan and coconut fragrant. 
The deep fried chicken wing was crispy on the outside and soft tender on the inside. It was not greasy and still slightly warm.
I had a hard time with the fried fish as the utensils given was a plastic fork and plastic spoon. In the end, I gave up and used my hands. The fish was fried till it was so crispy that even the small bones at the side were edible. Very fragrant and addictive for fish lovers. 
The sambal long beans was quite decently cooked and still retained the crunchiness. 

The chill was fragrant and was more sweet than spicy. Personally, I prefer a spicier version. 

Overall, the food here is cheap and good! Where else can you get so many ingredients for your Nasi Lemak at just $3.60. 

Wan Xing Nasi Lemak 万兴椰浆饭,炒米粉 (Albert Centre Market & Food Centre)
270 Queen Street
#01-62 Albert Centre Food Centre

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  1. Gosh!!! so tempting. Everything is great and you sure posted one of my fav.

  2. I like long beans with sambal too! I'm on the same page with u on the price :)


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