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Suonmoi Chinese Restaurant (Pune, India)

Have you ever been in a similar situation as me? Whenever you are in India, Pune for work and wants to have Chinese food. Where do you go? For those who go there frequently or stay there for years, you might have already know of such a place. For those who have not, you might find this useful.

Suonmoi Chinese Restaurant is a restaurant that serves Chinese Cuisine located in Pune. Where exactly is it? Well, I really have no idea as a Singaporean who has been there for 1 year drove us there. By car it is about 20 minutes away from Taj Blue Diamond during peak hours. 

FYI: Suonmoi Chinese Restaurant is opened by an India man whose wife is a Chinese, from China. All the waiters are Indian. 
Suonmoi Chinese Restaurant

The restaurant was not very crowded as it was only 730pm. In India, the locals normal eat only at 830pm. Hence, most restaurants only open from 7pm onwards for dinner. 
Menu (cover)
A very welcome feeling emerged after seeing a picture of these dishes. 
Part of the menu
Part of the menu. Did not managed to take pictures of the rest of the menu. We ordered and despite the few people in the restaurant, we waited over 15 minutes before the food got served. Not too bad, at least it means they start cooking the dishes after we ordered, not before and just warm them up.
A picture of the utensils. The spoon is exactly the same as what Honeymoon Dessert uses. 
Wanton Soup
How can anyone not order this after having Indian food for the past few meals! In this picture, the waiter has already served us. Hence it was half-full. The Wanton Soup was salty. The wanton was totally lousy. The meat seems to have some weird taste. But despite this, we still polish this up. 
Mee Foon Soup Prawn
Mee Foon Soup Prawn (exactly as stated in menu). This dish consist of vermicelli/beehoon, prawns, mushrooms, spring onions and carrots. It was surprisingly delicious! Had several helpings of this. The downside was that it was slightly salty.
Vegetable dish
Well, sorry, do not have the name of this dish. It was a vegetable dish with different ingredients in it and stirred fried. How was it? Good! As it is hard to find chinese food in India. Of course, when you compare to Singapore, it will be a different thing all together. 
Again, apologies, do not have the name of this dish. It is similar to fried breaded prawn. In the picture above, the waiter has already served us. In total, there's 7 prawns in this dish. It was very good. Prawns were fresh and the layer of flour on it was delicious. I am sure they had mixed the flour with spring onions and some other ingredients! This dish alone can give Chinese restaurants in Singapore a good fight. 
Quite a good restaurant to come to. If you are coming here, you may want to skip ordering the wanton. Instead, order the prawn dish and Mee Foon Soup Prawn. Service wise is very good! The staff will serve you without being asked to. Moreover, the owner will come and check if the food was up to standard. This restaurant certainty makes me feel at home, just like I am back in Singapore.

ps: if you know of any good (Indian, Chinese, Korean, Malaysian) restaurants to eat in Pune or India do post it in comments to share with everyone. Thank you. 

Suonmoi Chinese Restaurant (Pune, India)
11 Century Arcade
Narangi Bang Road
Off. Boat Club Road
Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Tel: 020 30581110 / 9890111388
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm to 1130pm


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