Thursday, 3 December 2015

Starry House Cottage 清境觀星園景觀山莊 (Taiwan, Nantou Country)

Complimentary Breakfast
 Starry House Cottage 清境觀星園景觀山莊 is a popular guesthouse (minsu) located in Cing Jing.
 We chose this guesthouse because of the following reasons.

1) It has the best view as it is strategically located at the highest point of Cing Jing
2) Great reviews on the hospitable and and friendly service
3) Complimentary steamboat dinner and breakfast that garnered good reviews
I am not joking when I wrote that it has the best view. Look at the sunset! We had an unblocked view as we were at the highest point. We arrived just in time for sunset. The owners immediately told us to go to the porch to view the sunset, and leave the luggage with them and pay the remaining payment later.

If you thought that this view was great wait till you see the photo on sunrise at the end of this post. 
Complimentary Steamboat Dinner
Located so high in Cing Jing, the temperature was so cold, making it perfect for having steamboat dinner. The portion of food was for 4 persons.
Complimentary Steamboat Dinner
The food was wrapped up in cling wrap to keep the food fresher till the guests were ready for dinner. Such thoughtful gesture from the owners! As for the meat and soup, they were served only after the guests were ready.
Complimentary Steamboat Dinner

Complimentary Steamboat Dinner

Complimentary Steamboat Dinner

Complimentary Steamboat Dinner
The ingredients provided were all very fresh. The only complain I had for the dinner was that there should have been more meat.
Complimentary Steamboat Dinner
This is their homemade chilli dip. Spicy and addictive.

Everyone staying at the guesthouse all woke up early and waited for the sun to rise. This is the photo of the sunrise. Beautiful right?
Complimentary Breakfast (Toast and egg)
After watching the sunrise, everyone went for breakfast which consisted of toast, egg, fruit, salad and coffee or tea. The breakfast was cooked by the owner's wife.
Complimentary Breakfast (salad and fruit)

The breakfast was simple yet delicious especially the toast. However, the portion was too little =(.

Nevertheless, we had a great stay at Starry House Cottage. Highly recommended! 

Starry House Cottage 清境觀星園景觀山莊 (Taiwan, Nantou Country)
No.96.Bowang Ln,Ren'ai Township
546 Nantou  Taiwan
Tel: 049 280 2242

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  1. Such a meal is a common fare in Asian countries but of course its part of the joy of travelling.

  2. Glad to know that Starry is still as great as I remembered it. The hotpot and breakfast were exactly the same as my last visit! The food may be simple but the warmth from it is undeniable - the hotpot was especially memorable on a cold and rainy day in Cing Jing!

  3. Hi how much did you pay for 4 pax at Starry House Cottage?

    1. Hi, 5 pax 3,800 TWD. Pl check with the owners for the latest charges. You can contact them at or +886-49-2802242 +886-919713201

  4. hi! did u book this minsu via agoda or directly email mr lee? Thanks!


    1. Hi kathryn,

      you can email him directly with your requirements. He replies promptly.

    2. Oh but i emailed him ystdy in english he has yet to reply me :( Does Mr Lee knows how to read english?

      btw, if i book via agoda, do u think Mr Lee will be able to pick me up?

      Thanks so much! :)

    3. Oh, we emailed him in Chinese. I am not sure if he knows how to read in English.

      Not sure about your second point as we did not use Agoda and went directly to the minsu =)

      I think you can still book via agoda and then email him to arrange for him to pick you up.


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