Thursday, 7 May 2015

Chin Seng Cooked Food (Tekka Centre)

Wanton Noodles $3
Chin Seng Cooked Food is a noodles stall located at Tekka Market and Food Centre run by an elderly couple.
The stall owners make the Char Siew themselves each morning. The lady owner explained that making the Char Siew themselves is nicer compared to buying it (outside). Although their opening hours is from 7am to 3pm daily, they have to come before 5am to prepare. And after closing, they would also need to wash the dishes, clean the stall and prepare for the next day. Sometimes they have to stay till as late as 5pm. It is literally a 12 hours job. Despite that, they do not have any rest day as they need to earn a living.
This is also partly the reason why, you would see them wrapping wanton / dumplings whenever they have any free time.
Wanton Noodles $3
For just $3, this plate of Wanton Noodles (mee) is value for money. It came with lots of noodles, char siew, vegetables and a bowl of wanton soup.
Wanton Noodles $3
Lot at the amount of carbo (noodles) give. The noodles was not overcooked and there was lots of sauce underneath it. The char siew which they made themselves was delicious. It was not dry and had a good balance of lean meat and fats.
Wanton Noodles $3
There were five pieces of wanton given. The wantons were delicious. They were so generous with the meat  fillings and seasoned it well.
Dumpling Noodles $3 (with Char Siew $0.50)
On another occasion, I ordered the Dumpling Noodles $3 and topped up $0.50 for their char siew.
Dumpling Noodles $3 (with Char Siew $0.50)
The char siew which they made themselves was so delicious. I love the charred bits at the exterior!
Dumpling Noodles $3 (with Char Siew $0.50)
Four pieces of dumplings was given. These were big and delicious! They have probably added pieces of chestnuts into it to give it a crunchy bite.
Chicken Chop Noodles $3
I also tried their Chicken Chop Noodles $3. The chicken is fried just before serving. In bite sizes, children will love this!

I can forsee myself coming back for more wanton noodles and dumpling noodles! The food here is cheap and good! 

Chin Seng Cooked Food (Tekka Centre)
665 Buffalo Road 
#01-294 Tekka Centre 
Singapore 210665
Opening Hours: Daily 7am to 3pm

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  1. Oh yum. Wanton is so tempting. I love the char siew too. Can't make at home for other half is pork-free. So usually eat out.


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