Thursday, 26 June 2014

Curry Cafe at Canberra Community Club (Sembawang)

Curry Cafe located at Canberra Community Club, a 10 minutes walk from Sembawang MRT station is a small humble family run cafe. If some of you have found the name familiar, its because they were previously located at the basement of The Central (Clark Quay).
Teh C Siew Dai $1 each
The Teh C Siew Dai was strong, fragrant, not bitter and not too sweet. Priced at $1 each, it was cheaper when compared to the likes of Breadtalk, Yakun or Killiney. The addition, it was wonderfully executed as a whole and came in a way bigger cup. 
Fried Chicken Wings $1.50 each
The Fried Chicken Wings ($1.50 each) was quite decent (though not a die die must try).
Fried Rice $3.50
Fried Rice $3.50
The Fried Rice $3.50 was fried with chicken hot dog, mixed beans, carrots, egg and spring onions. This dish was delicious. Although there was no wok-hei, it was tasty and had great consistency. Moreover, it was not oily. A simple dish which reminds me of home comfort food.
Curry Chicken $3.50 with French Loaf $0.50
We ordered the Curry Chicken $3.50 with French Loaf $0.50. I was impressed that the French Loaf was toasted prior to serving such that it was served warm and the exterior was crisp (the little things that matter).
Curry Chicken $3.50
One cannot not order the Curry Chicken $3.50 at Curry Cafe! After all, the Curry Chicken is their signature dish! The Curry Chicken hit all the right note in terms of taste. Fragrant, spicy and it was so delectable that we actually polish off all the curry. Terrific! The icing on the cake was that even the chicken was cooked perfectly - folk tender. The potatoes did not disappoint too (I suspect they had cooked the chicken in the curry and then take it out so that it was not overcooked. Likewise for the potatoes too). The Chicken Curry is one of the best I have tasted, they certainly did a good job blending all spices and chilli powder together and cooking this curry. This is a must try over at Curry Cafe! We liked it so much that we ordered another Curry Chicken to pack back home for dinner!
Curry Cafe is a hidden gem with lots of potential. The food was good and value for money. The downside is that its a small cafe with around 20 seats. We visited on Saturday during lunch hours and the cafe was full. Do note that it is self service. After ordering and making the payment. You can go back and take seat. However, you would need to collect the food from the counter once your food is ready (they will call you). I will be back for more! For those staying in the North, this is one place to consider to satisfy your makan / curry cravings.

Curry Cafe at Canberra Community Club (Sembawang) 
2 Sembawang Crescent
​#01-03 Canberra Community Club
Singapore 757632
Tel: 6966 0832 
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 9am - 9pm
                        Sat & Sun 8am - 8pm
                        Public Holiday 8am - 5pm

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  1. Wow, the outlet sure upholds their name with the lovely curry.


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