Sunday, 28 April 2013

Alright Cafeteria (Peace Centre)

Alright Cafeteria located at level 3 (top floor) of Peace Centre serves Malay cuisine. There are no signs directing customers to the shop. You will be able to see this eatery in front of you when you take the escalator up to level 3. Most people know of this place through word of mouth (e.g their friends, colleagues).
The eatery offers daily specials during weekdays.
Monday: :Laksa $3.50
Tuesday: Black Pepper Chicken Rice $4.00, Chicken Rice $3.50, Seafood Horfun $4.00
Wednesday: Roti Jala with Curry Chicken $4.00, Prawn Mee $3.50
Thursday: Nasi Briyani (Chicken / Beef) $4.50, Nasi Briyani (Mutton) $5.00
Friday: Ayam Penyet $5.00
Chicken Rice $3.50, Begedil $0.50 
During one of the occasion during my visit, I ordered the Tuesday daily special - Chicken Rice. I also added a Begedil.
Chicken Rice $3.50, Begedil $0.50 
This is the Malay style chicken rice. Unlike our Chinese Hainanese chicke rice, the rice in this case is plain white rice. The chicken is neither steam or roasted. Instead it was fried. The chicken rice was not too bad. I also requested for sambal chilli to be added to go along with the plain steamed rice. 
One another occasion, I ordered Nasi Padang (which is a concept similar to our economic rice stalls). It essentially meant customers choose the items they want.  I chose white plan rice, along with fried egg omelette, tauhu goreng, fried chicken wings and sambal kang kong. It costed $4.80.The food was was quite good. Depending on which aunty you order from, the generousity differs. In this case, my plate was full of ingredients! Almost spilling out =).

ps: If you like Malay food especially Nasi Padang, there is this place called Warong Nasi Pariaman that serves authentic and delicious Nasi Padang. A must try!

Alright Cafeteria (Peace Centre)
Level 3 Peace Centre
1 Sophia Road (Selegie Road)

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  1. haha, funny name for a stall.

    1. They should have used the word "sedap" or "delicious" replacing the word "Alright" =)


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