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Victor's Kitchen (Sunshine Plaza)

Victor's Kitchen located at level one of Sunshine Plaza specialises in serving authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum. I am sure that when Dim Sum is mentioned most of you would be thinking of the likes of Peach Garden, Peony Jade, Lei Garden, Red Star or East Ocean. What's the difference you may ask? Well, to me the Dim Sum at Victor's Kitchen is cheap and good!
Victor's Kitchen 
Arrived at 1pm on a Saturday. Victor's Kitchen was packed! Luckily, the turnover is quite fast, found a table within 5minutes. Do expect to be seated next to strangers with narrow passage ways.
Drinks Menu 
Dim Sum Menu (a)
Dim Sum Menu (b)
To order, you will need to get the order slip(menu) from the counter along with a pencil and tick the items along with the quantity you want. After you are done, pass it to one of the helpers and then wait. Can't help but comment, look at the disclaimer 'we serve the best foods, but not fast food'. Well, for good food, you have got to wait.
H.K. Summer Ice Ying Yang (Mix CoffeeW/Tea) $3.00
The H.K. Summer Ice Ying Yang comes with ice surrounding the cup of ying yang (also known as yuanyang; coffee with tea) . This way, the drink is kept chilled without diluting the the taste of the drink.
Chicken & Sausage in Glutinous Rice $4.00
I am not a fan of glutinous rice and in most places, most of the glutinous rice was hard. But we had to order it as we were starving and needed carbohydrate. When the Chicken & Sausage in Glutinous Rice arrived, my first (negative) thought was 'Wa, so plain'. But well, this is amazing sticky, soft and fragrant. I was totally won over by this dish. The best glutinous rice I have ate! What a great start to my meal.
Char Siew Cheong Fun $4.00
The Char Siew Cheong Fun was smooth and thin with pieces of char siew in it of course. It was average.
Phoenix Porridge $3.50
I was not fast enough in taking a photo of the Phoneix Porridge. This is what is left after the 3 of us too our portions. Phoneix Porridge consist of century eggs and chicken. It was quite plain tasting. For those who want a strongly flavour, can add pepper and light soy sauce. I quite like the fact that it was plain tasting as it complement the other dishes. Moreover, thought that it was cooked well as it was not watery. Remind me of Teochew style porridge.
Vegetable and Quail Egg Siew Mai $3.50
My first time trying such a Siew Mai; Vegetable and Quail Egg Siew Mai.It consist of egg quail on top and  vegetable at the bottom. This is one dish that I dislike. Weird combination of taste that did not appeal to me. Moreover, thought that the meat had a weird after taste.
Yummy Yummy Phoenix Claws $3.50
I am the only one among us who knows how to eat this dish; Yummy Yummy Phoenix Claws. Lucky me, because it was yummy. A must order!
Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun $4.00
The Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun (liu sha bao / custard bun) is another must order! Be careful when eating it. As inside, it is full of buttery runny custard that is sweet, salty and sinful! Shiok!
Rosey Wine Yummy Char Siew Bun $3.50
There was just 2 pieces of Rosey Wine Yummy Char Siew Bun which was filled with sweet and tender meat. After having the Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun, this was really just average.
Scallop, Sausage Carrot Cake with XO Sauce $4.00 (+$0.50 for adding XO Sauce)
The Scallop, Sausage Carrot Cake with XO Sauce was fantastic! I have never eaten something like this before. The carrot cake was soft and mashy (like mashed potato) soaked in their home-made XO sauce. Somehow, we could not detect any XO taste in it, it was more like soy sauce. Nevertheless, this dish wow us so much that we had to order an addition serving of this.
$0.50 for adding XO Sauce
This time we were determined to find out the exact taste of the XO Sauce. Hence, we added 50cents for the above. And well, we were truely shocked. I really have no idea what this is. Its like preserved vegetable soaked in oil? Anyone knows?
Yutiao Cheong Fun $3.50
The Yutiao Cheong Fun was soaked in thick black sauce. Personally thought that it would taste better if it was soaked in soy sauce. Most online reviews have raved about how good this dish was. Well, I beg to defer, this dish did not appeal to me at all.
Steam Chicken with Chinese Wine $3.00
Well, the Steam Chicken with Chinese Wine was our last dish. The chicken was tender and fragrant having been soaked and steam in the chinese wine. Quite a normal and common dim sum dish.

Overall, the dim sum served here is really good and value for money. It was so good that we ordered 3 times in total, adding some dishes and ordering some dishes twice! In the end we over-ordered. I will definitely be back for more. If you have never been here, time to give it a try. Or you will never know what you are missing!

Victor's Kitchen (Sunshine Plaza)
91 Bencoolen Street
#01-21 Sunshine Plaza
Tel: 9838 2851
Opening Hours: Tue to Sun 1030am to 8pm
                         Closed on Mon


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  1. Do not agree to this post, the service of this shop suck !!! The attituede is the worst I have seen. They are very rude !!! The food is also lousy considering the price that they charged, not even able to compare with the food court dim sum, I can see some customer left their food un-finish ...

    Please view the first few review in

    1. Hi

      I thought the service was ok considering there was no service charge. Did not encountered any bad attitude despite the fact that we ordered 3 times (which could have pissed some staff off at other eateries)

      Food wise, as the saying goes 'One man's meat is another man's poison'. It is subjective. There are some dishes that I dislike too as mentioned in above post. But overall I like the food as the hits were real yummy.

      I am quite interested in the better dim sum you had at food court. Where is it at?

  2. the stuff in xo sauce is scallops! but idk what else there is. looks like alot of oil to me=X


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