Saturday, 17 March 2012

Xin Yuan Ji 新源记 (Tan Quee Lan Street)

Xin Yuan Ji  新源记  has  been around for a long time and is located at Tan Quee Lan Street which is opposite Bugis Junction. It is well known for charcoal fish head steamboat, fish soup and curry fish.

If you arrive during meal times, it is likely that there will be a queue. But no worries as they clear the queue pretty fast.

Xin Yuan Ji Menu Cover
Part of Menu
Part of Menu
We ordered a Fried Fish Meat Mee Hoon and a Fried Red Snapper Fish Head Mee Hoon.
Look at what is given! This is for my fish head bones.

Although the place was packed, our dishes arrived within 15minutes.
Fried Fish Meat Mee Hoon $5.50
I only tried a spoonful of the Fried Fish Meat Mee Hoon. The soup based was similar to mine. The fried fish meat was fresh and not fishy at all.
Fried Red Snapper Fish Head Mee Hoon $6.80
The Fried Red Snapper Fish Head Mee Hoon's soup with milk added was sweet and tasty. The fish head meat was very fresh and well fried. Wish that more generous portion of fish head was given. But this was certainty worth it. Definitely will be back for more.

Xin Yuan Ji  新源记 (Tan Quee Lan Street)
#01-01, 31 Tan Quee Lan Street 
Tel: 6334 4086
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 1am

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  1. I like that these noodles are served with the chillies. That would have oozed out the taste further more.

  2. next time you should try with XO, damn worth it!!!

    1. Did not know they have this dish over here. Will give it a try when I am there! Thanks!

  3. Hey, the fish soup looks really good! I love fried fish & I could smell the aroma from here. Hahaha! Nice post! Will check out this place one day :)


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