Friday, 9 March 2012

Broadway Claypot Rice 百乐匯砂煲饭 (Ang Mo Kio)

Broadway Claypot Rice 百乐匯砂煲饭  has more than 30 years of history and as it's name suggest, it specialises in dishing out claypot rice. It is located at Coffee City, the same coffee shop as the Xu Yan Tonic Soup that sells great herbal soup.
Coffee City
Broadway Claypot Rice 百乐匯砂煲饭 
If you are observant, you will notice that although the sign says 'Claypot Rice', most of the items on the signboard are pig organ soup and bak kut teh.

As mentioned earlier, Broadway Claypot Rice over the years has built up its name by serving claypot chicken rice. But not just any normal claypot chicken rice. Customers have the choice of asking for the 'normal chicken' or 'kampong chicken'. And of course the kampong chicken claypot rice will cost more.
The prices of the 'normal chicken' and 'kampong chicken' claypot rice are at the bottom of this picture. As there was two of us, we ordered the Claypot Chicken Rice (normal chicken) for 2 person at $13. There has been an increase of price by $1 after this coffee shop was renovated. Takes about 20 minutes for it to be served after ordering.
Claypot Chicken Rice (normal chicken) $13.00
Do be careful not to touch the claypot as it is sizzling hot and steaming. Look at the smoke 'emitting' out.
Looks quite big and wide, but the claypot bowl is very shallow.
Here's how it looks like after stirring and mixing all the rice and ingredients. I have eaten the claypot rice at this stall before. This time I can't help but comment that it looks different. Way too much dark sauce was added.. and I was right. It was quite salty... and I was disappointed. Standard has dropped. This time the amount of dark sauce has masked the fragrant of the other ingredients except for the salted fish. Other ingredients include chinese sausage and spring onions.

The good news is that there are lots of charred rice at the bottom of the claypot (to the disapproval of the partner). Crispy and crunchy.

Wonder if standard has really dropped or if it was a one off incident.

Broadway Claypot Rice 百乐匯砂煲饭
Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Coffee City #01-4200
Tel: 9639 2589, 9369 0902
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm to 11pm

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  1. my favorite clay pot rice @ bugis market :D

    1. Hi Nath

      Bugis market? Where is it at/

  2. WOW! They looked tempting! :D Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Shu Juan

      You are welcome. Address, telephone and opening hours stated at end of post. You will know where to find the stall.

  3. Gonna try it out ^_^


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