Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Arnold's Fried Chicken (City Plaza)

*Edited Mar 2014: Paris Outlet has closed down*

When it comes to fast food fried chicken, I am sure most of us have eaten or heard of  KFC, Popeyes and Texas Chicken. What about Singapore's very own fast food; Arnold's Fried ChickenArnold's Fried Chicken specialises in serving fried chicken, has been around for more than 25 years and is one of the first Singapore fast food joint to be certified Halal.
A visit to Arnold's Fried Chicken (Main Branch at City Plaza) on a weekday for lunch. Look at how crowded the place is! You will need to queue up and wait for an empty table.
Brightly lit and decorated.
Once you have been assigned an empty table, make your order at the counter before going back to your seat.

Expect to wait 15 to 25 minutes as the fried chicken are cooked upon order!
Half Spring Chicken Set $5.90 and 1 Root Beer $1.90
Ordered Half Spring Chicken Set which consist of 1/2 young chicken which is marinated and deep fried served with Potato Fries and Mashed Potato (should actually be Coleslaw, but I requested for a change). I also ordered a Root Beer to quench my thirst!
Half Spring Chicken Set $5.90
The Spring Chicken was served pipping hot. The chicken was fried perfectly! On the outside, it (skin) was crispy. On the inside, it was very tender, soft and juicy! It was a surprise to me that all the parts of the chicken was so tender and soft. Normally even for KFC, there will be certain parts of the chicken that are hard and dry. But this was not the case for Arnold's Fried Chicken. How did they do it? However, in terms of the marination; usage of herbs and spices, KFC's eleven herbs and spices fare better. The mashed potato and fries are average, nothing to shout about.

Overall, I quite like the chicken at Arnold's Fried Chicken. Now I know why everyone has been raving about this place! If you are coming here, you must order their chicken! So soft, so tender, so juicy and it is freshly cooked! They need to open one outlet at the North!

They have 3 outlets at the moment. For the locations please refer to the end of the post. Arnold's Fried Chicken does delivery too.
Delivery hotline: 6276 6537
Delivery Hours:  Daily 1045am to 10pm
                          Last order 945pm

Arnold's Fried Chicken (City Plaza)
810 Geylang Road
City Plaza #02-99
Tel: 6746 2372
Opening Hours: Daily 1130am to 10pm

Arnold's Fried Chicken (Hougang)
21 Hougang Street 51
#01-49 Hougang Green Shopping Mall
Tel: 6386 9015
Opening Hours: Daily 1130am to 10pm

Arnold's Fried Chicken Express (Pasir Ris)
94 Pasir Ris Central
Pasir Ris Town Park

Tel: 6858 0584
Opening Hours: Daily 1130am to 10pm

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  1. This outlet has not hit our shores yet but seems like a good try after reading through your review. That mashed potato is my fav.

    1. We both have a weakness for potatoes! (as seen in your blog recipes!) When you are in SG can give this a try


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