Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sugalight Factory (Joo Chiat Place)

Sugalight Factory specialises in ice creams that are sugar-free low-fat. Most ice cream contains dairy cream, sugar and egg yolks. Sugalight uses none of this!
Sugalight ice creams are made using a premium natural sweetener made from corn known as Xylitol. Some of us may have encountered Xylitol as it is frequently used in chewing gums as a sweetener. Xylitol is known to help prevent tooth decay, lower calories than sugar and does not contribute to high sugar levels. Hence, Sugalight's ice cream are diabetes friendly and for those who are healthy conscious.
Sugalight ice cream comes in many flavours such as Rocky Chocolate, Plain Valrhona Chocolate, D24 Durian, Strawberry Bliss, Fat-Free Mango Sorbet, Bailey's Irish Cream, Cappuccino, Italian Hazelnut, Purple Yam - Ube, Pulut Hitam etc.
Cookie Monster
Clockwise from the Left (Vanilla Macadamia, Cookie Monster, Purple Yam-Ube)
Purple Yam - Ube made from purple yam specially imported from Philippines. I like yam ice cream and will frequently try out it out. Sugalight Factory's version is unique, it taste different and is more fragrant with hint of coconut.

Cookie Monster, similar to Cookies & Cream ice cream. Generous amount of Oreo cookie chunks in the ice cream such that you re able to get a chunk with each spoonful.
Clockwise from the Left (Plain Valrhona Chocolate, Chocomint, Pulut Hitam)
Plain Valrhona Chocolate ice cream is a must order if you are a chocolate lover. Thick, dark strong chocolate taste.

Chocomint, mint ice cream with chocolate chips. Sugalight's version was just nice for both of us. The mint flavour was not overpowering with the generous amount of chocolate chips, this was refreshing!

Pulut Hitam, Black Glutinous Rice dessert made into ice cream!
Root Beer Float (Sea Salt Horlicks Ice Cream) $5.00
We were lucky to be able to try Sugalight's latest product; Root Beer FloatRoot Beer Float consists of sugar free root beer with ice cream! Yes, sugar free! The best part is that we can't taste the difference between a sugar free or non sugar free root beer! We both like this! Brings back memories of the days when A&W was still in operating in Singapore! Now you can get your Root Beer Float at Sugalight!
Besides selling these, Sugalight sells a whole range of sugar-free products such as chocolates, cookies, sweets, marshmallows etc.
Only 1 box of sugar-free Root Beer ($18) left on the shelf. This is imported from USA.
If 1 box of Root Beer is too many for you, you can buy just 1 can at $1.80. On such a hot and humid day, i wish I can grab one of these!
If you are there, say hi to the bear sitting on the ledge. He is disgruntled from getting a sore bottom sitting there for so long without any salary. (as mentioned in Sugalight's facebook). Sugalight does corporate events and parties too. If you are thinking of getting ice creams for parties, this could be it.

Currently, Sugalight is having a promotion for students. Students get to buy 1 single scoop of ice cream and get the other free. This is valid on weekdays from 12pm to 6pm. Students will need to show their student IDs.

Sugalight also offers free delivery to your home or office for orders above $50. Each tub of ice cream retails for $10.50. If the order is less that $50, there will be an additional charge of $10.

Besides those flavours mentioned above,we tried many other flavours of ice cream. Our top favourites will be the Purple Yam - Ube, Chocomint and Root Beer Float! We can now enjoy our ice cream and root beer guilt-free!

Thank you Elgin and Sugalight for the kind hospitality and invite.

Sugalight Factory (Joo Chiat Place)
32 Joo Chiat Place 
Tel: 6440 3644
Opening Hours: Daily 1230pm - 9pm 
                       Closed on Tuesday

*Edited on Aug 2013
New locations:
Rail Mall Branch 
462 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678076

RELC Branch 
30 Orange Grove Road 
Singapore 258352 
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 7pm*


  1. nice! a few of us are going down soon. Excited.

    1. thanks! Along the way can eat Fei Fei Wanton Mee. Its just 5 minutes away

  2. Hey, my mum lives in Joo Chiat. Gonna ask her about this cafe. Nice place to chill out :)
    Chk out my latest: S$2,000 Bill At Joël Robuchon, RWS

    1. Hi,

      yes, can indulgence in the sugar free ice cream and root beer!

  3. I will simply love this outlet because these are so healthy and looking at the different flavors they have too. Like that Asian ones esp the Pulut Hitam and yam.

    1. Hi

      yea, like the fact that they have a different concept instead of being just being a normal ice cream store. We can now indulence in ice cream without feel guilty!


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