Saturday, 24 March 2012

Raffles Marina Bistro (Raffles Marina Country Club)

Raffles Marina Bistro is located in Raffles Marina Country Club in Tuas, near to the Tuas Checkpoint (2nd link). It serves a variety of food; Indian, Western, Local and dessert cuisine. Raffles Marina Bistro is not only well known for its food but also the view it offers. You can dine and enjoy the sea view, sunset and sea breeze.

I was told that they are well known for their Satay, Beef Hor Fan and Laksa. Was brought to this place by chance. It is not very accessible unless you have a car (after all it is a prestige country club, people who comes in mostly drive or take a cab).
Laksa $9.80
I ordered the Laksa which consist of thick bee hoon, prawns, fish cakes, bean sprouts and quail egg. The laksa gravy was fragrant and there were lots of bits of dried shrimp in it. In terms of spiciness it was just right for me. It was delicious and I drank quite a significant portion of the gravy. Another highlight would be the prawns which were extremely fresh though small in size. It was a very delicious bowl of laksa. But I still prefer 928 Yishun Laksa. Reasons being, the portions given are more, the gravy is more fragrant and it is more value for money!

I did try the Satay too. However, did not manage to take any photos. The Satay were delish! Tender and juicy!

The downside of Raffles Marina Bistro is that it is really inaccessible unless you drive. In addition, I live in the North part of Singapore. It is very unlikely I will be back here any time soon unless I come by Tuas again. It's a pity as the view is awesome; a great place to just chill out and relax.

Raffles Marina Bistro (Raffles Marina Country Club)
10 Tuas West Drive
Raffles Marina
Tel: 6869 2299
Opening Hours: Daily 8am to 10pm (last order 930pm)

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  1. Yummy!!.. Wish I would visit Singapore soon.. Im gonna try out all kind of food there.. Wish that you could show us some more food, places in there.. Love this Post!! ^_-

    1. Hi

      Thanks. More food and places coming. Stay Tune!

  2. the laksa looks very thick! But don't you think that 9.80 is abit expensive for this kind of portion?

    1. Hi Eunice

      The laksa (gravy) was not too thick. It was just nice.

      It is a Country Club coupled with the view. Another Country Club; Orchid Country Club which I have been to, their Laksa is at a similar price too! Of course you can get cheaper one at else where.


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