Singapore Food Map

FoodieFC's Singapore Food Map shows the locations of restaurants / food outlets in Singapore posted in FoodieFC's blog. 

If you are unsure how you can fully utilise FoodieFC's Singapore Food Map to get directions, you may wish to scroll down to read the guide.

Please note that locations are correct at the time of publication.

View FoodieFC's Singapore Food Map in a larger map


Guide to using FoodieFC's Food Maps
A Guide to using the Food Maps (Google Map) created by FoodieFC. This guide can be used for both the Singapore Food Map and Overseas Food Map created by FoodieFC. Do note all illustrations in this guide are taken from FoodieFC's Singapore Food Map. 

Zoom In and Zoom Out:
Zoom In by clicking on the (+) button and Zoom Out by clicking on the (-) button.

Scroll (left, right, up, down):
Scroll / Pan (left, right, up, down) by clicking on the arrow buttons on the top right. 

View the map in a larger map:
View the map in a larger map by clicking on "FoodieFC's Singapore Food Map". 

Search for a restaurant:
     a) Use the Map by utilising on the following functions; Zoom In, Zoom Out, Scroll (left, right, up, down)           to view the location you are looking for.
     When viewing the map in a larger map
     b)  use "Ctrl + F" to find the name of the restaurant or type of food you are looking for.
     c) Scroll down the list, its all arranged in alphabetical order (only for Singapore Food Map).


You can click on the icon or any of the restaurants on the list. After you have clicked the icon/restaurant, a popup will appear in the map showing the name of the restaurant followed by a photo image taken from FoodieFC's blog. You can click on the name of the restaurant as it contains a hyperlink which will direct you to the blog post on this restaurant. 

For example, if you click "Peperoni Pizzeria (Greenwood Ave)", this is what you will see. When you click the hyperlink, you will be linked to the blogpost on Peperoni Pizzeria (Greenwood Ave). 

Directions to restaurant:

To find out how you can get to the restaurant, click directions (highlighted in red). The box highlighted in blue will appear. All you need to do is to key in your location (e.g. "Marina Bay Sands") and click "Get Directions". 


  1. This is fantastic work FC. Thanks so much :0

  2. Hi, I am working on the SG50 Heritage food trail by MRT.
    Can I link onto your map to help anyone who wish to travel by MRT to find the best Singapore Heritage food. see for more details

    1. Hi James, I have replied to you via email.


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