Monday, 18 February 2019

Ah Tan Wings - Crispy Chicken Har Cheong Gai (Yishun Park Hawker Centre)

Atas Wing Meal $5.20
Ah Tan Wings located at Yishun Park Hawker Centre probably needs no further introduction since its food and even the background of how the owner created the dish is in many articles online.
To keep things short, the owner of the stall is 27 years old and he had experienced hundreds of variation and methods, ranging from seasoning, heat control to frying techniques. He participated in events to get feedback and learn about cooking techniques as cooking as a business entity is different from cooking as an individual since different equipment are used and you need to fry more at any one time. Kudos to him for his endurance and perseverance.

Today, he is selling as many as 900 chicken wings every day! Naturally, after knowing all these, I was so hyped up to try the chicken wings.

I visited on a weekday lunch time. Surprisingly, the hawker centre was not crowded. I wonder how the stall owners survive on weekdays. Even a popular stall like Ah Tan Wings, had just 1 person in the queue.

Ah Tan Wings basically sells prawn paste chicken wings, prawn paste cutlet, rice and egg. Since there was no queue, I received my order within 5 minutes after ordering.
Atas Wing Meal $5.20

Atas Wing Meal $5.20 consists of 2 shrimp paste wings, aromatic rice and egg. Yes, you read this correctly, aromatic rice! It is essentially plain rice.

The prawn paste chicken wings are very crisp and well marinated. Even the meat nearer to the bones has prawn paste flavour. Definitely, one of the tastiest prawn paste chicken wings I have tried. As for the downside, I felt that it was greasy, i.e. on the oily end. As for the rest of the ingredients, they were just average.
Atas Cutlet Meal $6.50
Atas Cutlet Meal $6.50 consists of a big chunk of prawn paste cutlet, aromatic rice and egg. Again, the cutlet was very well marinated and crisp on the exterior. However, it was very greasy. I am not sure what when wrong, whether it was the heat technique or the marination mix. All I know was that I was extremely disappointed by the dish. Needless to say, we did not manage to finish it.

Overall, I do not understand the hype. I like the wings for its taste. But for $1.70 and considering that it is on the oily end, I will give it a skip. As the saying goes, one man's meat is another man's poison.

Ah Tan Wings - Crispy Chicken Har Cheong Gai (Yishun Park Hawker Centre) 
#01-40 Yishun Park Hawker Centre 
51 Yishun Avenue 11 
Singapore 768867 
Opening Hours: Tue to Fri, 11am – 2pm & 5pm – 9pm 
                           Sat to Sun, 11.30am – 2pm & 5pm – 8.30pm 
                           Closed on Sun

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Monday, 28 January 2019

Xiang Ji Porridge 香记粥品 (Telok Blangah Crescent Market & Food Centre)

Century Egg and Pork Porridge $3.50 with Egg $0.50

Age seems to have caught up with me. I used to have porridge only when I was not feeling well. And when I am well, I would definitely not have porridge for lunch as it was not filling. But now, ironically, I enjoy a bowl of porridge for lunch every now and then. Yes, even if the weather is scorching hot, I somehow cannot say no to this porridge.

I am surprise that no one has shared about Xiang Ji Porridge 记粥品 as it is a hidden gem! The stall is located at Telok Blangah Crescent Hawker Centre, which is quite out of the way as it is not near any MRT stations. It is located 5 minutes away from Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and SAFRA Mount Faber.

The stall is open from Tuesday to Saturday and business starts at 7am till sold out, which is usually slightly after 1pm. During lunch time, the queue can stretch to more than 10 persons long. This is how popular they are! In terms of variety, they offer a wide range, from century eggs, pork liver, pork minced meat, pork lean meat, shredded chicken to fish.

The porridge has a grainy texture as it is well cooked till the grains are broken into slightly smaller pieces. Each bowl of porridge comes with generous toppings of fried fritters, spring onion, shallots and preserved vegetable. There is no need to add additional seasoning as the porridge is flavourful, not to the extent of salty, and the preserved vegetable will provide additional flavour.

Century Egg and Pork Porridge $3.50 with Egg $0.50

My favourite and usual dish is the Century Egg and Pork Porridge which cost $3.50. I will usually add an egg for $0.50 to make the texture creamier and provide more flavour. The amount of ingredient given is quite generous (you can see the amount of century egg given in the photos above).
Pork and Liver Porridge $3.50 with Egg $0.50
Another combination which I frequently order is the Pork and Liver Porridge $3.50 with Egg $0.50.

Since I chanced upon this stall, I have been eating their porridge frequently. This simple yet unpretentious bowl of porridge certainly punches its weigh. Whether you are feeling under or above the weather, this is one good solid bowl of porridge worth trying!

Xiang Ji Porridge 香记粥品 (Telok Blangah Crescent Market & Food Centre)
#01-98 Telok Blangah Crescent Hawker Centre
Blk 11 Telok Blangah Crescent
Singapore 090011
Opening Hours: Tue to Sat 7am till sold out (normally slightly after 1 pm)
                          Closed on Sun and Mon

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Friday, 28 December 2018

Hong Ji Mian Shi Jia 鸿记面食家 (Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre)

Dumpling Noodle $3.50 with Char Siew $1
Other than Seng Huat Prawn Noodles 成發,Hong Ji Mian Shi Jia 鸿记面食家  is another stall that is very popular at this food centre.
This stall specialises in serving old school style wanton noodle, dumpling noodle and even chicken claw noodle. Do note that although the queue may seems short, the waiting time tend to be long.
While waiting, you can read the 3 articles that are displayed at the stall. One of the article stated that the owner of the stall, who is the man behind the stall cooking your food, has more than 40 years of experience in preparing, cooking and selling these noodles! He had done this his entire life and back then the cost of each bowl of noodles was 20 cents! Such devotion and perseverance.

I have been to the stall several times to try their different food items after having first try their Wanton Noodle. I must say that their food is really good. Homely, comforting and tasty. They also have a plastic bag of fried pork lard placed at the front of the stall for customers. However, on certain days the fried lard are crispy while on other days, they were not crispy (an indication that they were not fresh).
Wanton Noodle $3.50
This Wanton Noodle $3.50 was damn solid. The noodles were springy and the sauce was flavourful and just right, not too salty. The char siew had a high lean meat to fat ratio and few charred bits. But yet the char siew was surprisingly soft and tender. There were 3 pieces of wanton given. The wanton meat were well marinated and the wanton skin was smooth! Before I knew it, I had polished off all the wanton.
Chicken Claw Mushroom Noodle $3.50
This was the Chicken Claw Mushroom Noodle. It cost just $3.50 and comes with a pair of chicken claw and a whole braised mushroom. In all other hawker stalls, the mushroom would be sliced. I am not sure why this stall served the braised mushroom as a whole, but I preferred it this way because it gave a better bite, and retained more flavour and juice in it. I am won over already! The chicken claw was delicious and appeared to be more ‘meaty’ compared to other stalls.
Dumpling Noodle $3.50 with Char Siew $1
This was the Dumpling Noodle which cost $3.50. I topped up $1 for Char Siew. Look at the generous amount of char siew given! As for the dumplings, they were meaty and was filled with prawns, minced meat and chestnuts which provided a crunchy dimension to each mouthful!
Wanton Noodle $3.50 and Chicken Claw with Mushroom $1.50
On another occasion I actually had Wanton Noodle $3.50 with additional pair of Chicken Claw with Mushroom for $1.50. You should have known by now that I love their chicken claw and mushroom!

Needless to say, I think this stall’s food is really so good! It is a die die must try. The downside is that the lady at the counter is not always in the best mood. But who cares, good food makes the world goes round.

Hong Ji Mian Shi Jia 鸿记面食家 (Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre)
#01-05 Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre
79 Telok Blangah Drive
Singapore 100079
Opening Hours: Daily 7am to 8pm
                          Closed on Fridays

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