Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Taishoken (Ramen Champion @ Iluma)

With this visit to try Taishoken, I have covered 5 out of the 6 ramen stalls at Ramen Champion at Iluma. I am just left with Ikkosha to try!

Let's go back to TaishokenTaishoken started out more than 50 years ago is well known in Tokyo. 
Pardon me for the unclear pictures

Moreover, it is the inventor of the concept Tsukemen. 

Tsukemen is the concept whereby the soup and ramen are served separately. The soup in this case is concentrated and customers dip the noodles into the soup before drinking. Once the ramen has been eaten, customers can drink the soup by diluting it with fish based soup from the stall.
As usual, order with the staff, and you get a disk which will vibrate once your ramen is cooked. I noticed that there are no longer any queues at Ramen Champion unlike the first month when it was open. Now I get my food much faster. 
Tokyo Ramen Deluxe (Regular) $15.00
I did not try their Tsukemen. Instead, ordered the Tokyo Ramen Deluxe (Regular) for $15.00

The broth was made from chicken, pork and anchovies. It was on the salty end. The ramen was springy, thin and firm. The Chashu (char siew) was flavourful, however was accompanied by too much fats (which of course is a factor that some may like).

The egg was not bad especially when I compare it to the one I got from Tetsu Ramen. Egg yolk was molten, not powdery (overcooked). The egg white on the other hand was cooked; hard when it should have been gooey and soft. 

Well, again taste is subjective, what is deem as salty / nice to me may not be the same for you. The best way is to go down and give it a try! For fans of Ramen Champions, the good news is that they have opened a branch at Changi Airport Terminal 3. However, there are only 4 stalls: Gantetsu, Ikkosha, Riki and Gensuke. (yes, 2 new stalls!)

The six Ramen restaurants are:

1.IROHA from Toyama
2.BARIO from Tokyo
3.GANTETSU from Sapporo
4.TETSU from Tokyo
5.IKKOSHA from Hakata
6.TAI SHO KEN from Tokyo

Taishoken (Ramen Champion @ Iluma)
201 Victoria Street
#04-08/09/10 Iluma (Bugis)
Tel: 6238 1011
Opening Hours: Daily 1130 am to 1030 pm

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  1. You've covered 5 already?? I've been there once with my family. 3 of us ordered from different stalls but that was it. We weren't impressed at all :< Perhaps we've heard too much, so we'd very high expectations.

    1. Yes 5! Considering that I am working at Bugis, this is slow. As you have mentioned, I am also not wow by it.

  2. Hubby and I both love Ikkosha best! I had tried all the 4 stalls at Changi Airport T3.

    1. Hi

      that's real fast considering they have only opened at Changi Airport T3 recently!

  3. I just tried Taishoken and I'm totally impressed by their Tsukemen. The broth is quite different from the usual pork bone soups you get at most ramen places. It is thick with a slightly sourish tinge to it. It comes with super thick noodles which gave me a very full and solid bite. When I added the clear soup at the end the soup was much weakened. I preferred the thick broth but the thinned soup was pleasant too in its own way, sort of a mouth rinse after a rich meal... haha. I'm a convert, but perhaps it's because I did not have much expectations before I came, thinking it was all just a gimmick. I'll be back to try the other stalls. Unfortunately, I don't work in the area like you.

    1. Thanks for sharing this information!

      I have not tried Taishoken's Tsukemen before. Although I have tried 5 stalls thus far, I did not have the chance yet to try the different varieties in each stalls.

      Dun worry, you will have lots of chance to try the other stalls here.


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