Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Peperoni Pizzeria (Hillcrest)

Peperoni Pizzeria is owned by the Les Amis Group. Peperoni Pizzeria specialises in serving Italian cuisine such as pizzas and pasta. They are well known for their family size pizza. Today, there are three outlets in Hillcrest, Binjai Park and Frankel Avenue.

This is my 2nd visit to Peperoni Pizzeria, I visited it's outlet at Hillcrest (Greenwood Avenue) again.It is quite ulu, located a long distance away from the nearest bus stop. The best mode of transport to this place will be by car. However, parking can be a problem during peak hours.
Wood-fired Oven
The pizzas are cooked using traditional wood-fired oven.
Noticed anything abnormal? 

There's crayons on the table! And instead of having table clothes, paper is used. This way, customers can draw on the paper while waiting for their food to be served. 
Noticed some of the drawings being pasted on the wall? 
There's no service charge in Peperoni Pizzeria.
Noticed another abnormality here? (hint look at the cost of ice water and extra ice!)

Well, the ice water and extra ice are actually Free Of Charge (FOC). They are just trying to make a dig about places that charge money for plain water. 
Pizza Menu
Pizza Menu
Ordered a Large (12 inch) Pizza. The pizza is made on the spot upon order and take about 15 minutes to be served. 
Large Pizza (Prosciutto Crudo di Parma & Funghi) $23
Looks appetising? The pizza crust is thin and crispy. This is the second time I ordered the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma which consist of parma ham and rocket salad. The rocket salad complemented the parma ham well and enhanced the flavour of the pizza. Wish that more rocket salad was added. The Funghi pizza consist of mixed mushrooms (button, shitake and porcini). I am a mushroom person, hence found this delicious. But if I was to make a choice, the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma is a must order!
Pasta Menu
Pasta Menu
Besides ordering a pizza? we ordered a pasta too. We ordered Squid Ink pasta as we heard (online) that it was their signature dish. The Squid Ink pasta took around 20 minutes to be served.
Squid Ink Pasta (Spaghetti) $22
The Squid Ink Pasta was well coated in squid ink ensuring a consistent black colour and it was not dry. Moreover, the squid ink was fresh and there was no fishy taste. The squid was well cooked. The Squid Ink Pasta was so delicious that I wish that more serving was given. Certainly a must order!

Overall, Peperoni Pizzeria is the place to come for pizzas and squid ink pasta. Moreover, the prices on it's menu are NETT. Which means there are no extra charges. Despite not having any service charge, the staff  are attentive and observant. I am certain that there will be a third visit for me! If this place was more conveniently located, I would have been a regular here!

Peperoni Pizzeria (Hillcrest)
6 Greenwood Ave
Hillcrest Park
Opening hours: Mon to Sat 12pm - 1030pm
                        Sun 11am - 1030pm
Tel: 6465 6556

Peperoni Pizzeria (Binjai Park)
7 Binjai Park
Tel: 6463 7800
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 12pm - 1030pm
                          Sat to Sunday 1030am - 1030pm

Peperoni Pizzeria (Frankel Avenue)
95 Frankel Avenue
Tel: 6445 5661
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 12pm- 1030pm
                          Sun 11am - 1030pm

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  1. One of my favorite pizzas! I highly recommend the tri-cheese pizza. it has 3 very distinct cheese flavors on it.

    1. Hi

      Thanks for popping by again! Tri-cheese pizza? Did not know they have such a pizza. Is it for cheese lovers?


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