Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tow Seng Wanton Mee (Albert Centre Market & Food Centre)

*Edited Oct 2012: Closed. Anyone knows where they shifted to?*
Tow Seng Wanton Mee is located at Albert Centre Market & Food Centre. You are spoilt for choice at this food centre as it is big! I find it amazing whenever I come here and notice the same few stalls having a queue. Tow Seng Wanton Mee is one of them!
They sell just 3 items; Wanton Mee, Chicken Mushroom Mee and Chicken Drumstick Noodle. You can expect to queue more than 15 minutes during lunch/dinner time.
Wanton Mee (Dry) $3.00
You can either choose to order the $2.50 or $3.00 Wanton Mee. I ordered the $3.00 version with no chilli. The noodle was springy (QQ) and not stuck together as a lump. With the self-made sauce, each strand of noodle was well oiled and delicious. It was so yummy that I found myself continuous eating the noodle! The Char Siew was too dry while the green chilli enhanced the taste of the dish.
Wanton Soup
The wanton was average but still this is a very decent bowl of wanton meal saved by the perfectly cooked noodles and sauce!
Chicken Mushroom Mee $2.50 
This is the Chicken Mushroom Mee. Shredded chicken, steamed vegetables and fragrant mushrooms are the normal ingredients for such a dish. The highlight is the perfectly self-made sauce! Brings the taste of this dish to a whole new level. Where can you find such a decent bowl of Chicken Mushroom Mee at $2.50!

I certainty do not mind queuing as this is one of the better Wanton Mee and Chicken Mushroom Mee stall in the food centre. Think most people knows this too, that explains the perpetual queue at this stall. This also made me realised that the sauce plays an important role too.

Tow Seng Wanton Mee (Albert Centre Market & Food Centre)
270 Queen Street 
#01-57 Albert Centre Market & Food Centre
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 4pm


  1. sounds like the wantan mee is really popular in the food court there! :) looks yummy along with the chicken mushroom as well

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    1. Yes, it is. There's always a long queue at this stall.

  2. salam kenal ..

    enak tuh kayaknya makanannya :D

  3. My, I am drooling over the char siew and the chicken mushroom as well.

    1. Hi

      glad that the photos are making you hungry!! Looking at it.. I feel hungry too =S


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