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Don - Your Personal Pie Club (China Square Central)

Don - Your Personal Pie Club located at China Square Central started out serving pies. Today, it has expanded its product range from Chicken Pies to Crab Bee Hoon! What a combination! (Western plus Chinese). Although this place is not halal certified, they use no pork and lard. In addition, their chicken used in the pies are from a halal supplier. (check out the write up on the chicken pie at the last section of this post)
Don - Your Personal Pie Club has received several recognitions from newspapers, TV programmes and magazines for its Chicken Pie and even Crab Bee Hoon.
Pipping hot pies!
Don's Chicken Pie (top), Chicken Shephard's Pie (Bottom)
The Don's Chicken Pie and Chicken Shephard's Pie are the two pies that have garnered many reviews online!
Menu (a)
Menu (b)
Lots of seating capacity at the back of the shop.
Claypot Crab Bee Hoon $19.00
Presenting Don - Your Personal Pie Club's Claypot Crab Bee Hoon! I have not tried this dish over here before. But have heard so much raves about it that I know, I had to make a trip down one day to try this!

The Claypot Crab Bee Hoon's broth had a slight hint of herbal (e.g. dang gui) taste in it. It was very flavourful and unique, different from the other Crab Bee Hoon soup (maybe due to slight herbal taste in it). I felt that the flavour of the roe of the crab, ginger and yam was not fully infused in this broth. There were 2 big pieces of fried Yam in it, along with vegetables, bee hoon and of course the Crab!

The crab is medium size. This is the star of the dish and it did not disappoint! The crab was very fresh! The crab meat was firm, sweet and you can easily pull out the whole crab meat from the shell be it the body, legs or even claws. (How many times have you done this? Most of the time the crab meat just sticks to the shell).
Don's Chicken Pie 
Don's Chicken Pie (Whole) $18.00
As we were still feeling hungry, we decided to buy Don's Chicken Pie (Whole) back home and ask for a quarter of it to be taken out on a plate for our consumption.

The chicken pie consisted of ingredients that include corn, carrot, potato, sliced boiled egg, mushrooms, peppercorn and chicken! Look at the above pictures and you will notice how big and thick this pie is! The other crust was not too thick is not too thick, just sufficient to hold the ingredients. It was very crispy, light and fluffy! The filling inside was flavourful and fragrant. However, I felt that the flavour of the spices was not as strong as before. Nevertheless, this is still one Chicken Pie worth coming back for!

Although  Don - Your Personal Pie Club is not halal certified, they do not use any pork and lard. In addition, their chicken used in the pies are from a halal supplier. Hence, Muslim friends can enjoy this  pie too.
For takeaways, you will be given a solid box that will keep your pie warm for a few hours!

Overall, I like my dining experience at Don - Your Personal Pie Club. Both the Claypot Crab Bee Hoon and Don's Chicken Pie were delicious! Now I understand why there has been so much positive word of mouth on the Claypot Crab Bee Hoon! If I am working in the CBD area, I am sure I will be eating this every week!

Don - Your Personal Pie Club (China Square Central)
20 Cross Street 
#01-34 China Square Central
Tel: 6327 4344
Delivery Hotline: 6536 0925
Opening Hours: Daily 8am to 9pm
Nearest MRT Station: Chinatown  or Raffles Place

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  1. I tried the shepherd's pie before. Not impressed. Thought it was quite manufactured.

    1. I have not tried shepherd's pie before. Thanks for informing. Will help to adjust my expectation for it when I try it one day

  2. Interesting Claypot Crab Bee Hoon, I have not try it yet.
    Looks like Fish head bee hoon but I think this
    Don's specialty is fabulous. Hope to try it one day :)

    1. Its walking distance from Raffles MRT station. quite centralise =)

  3. I had Don's pies many times, but having crab bee hoon together is soo...... strange? :)

    1. haha, yes the combination is strange! But it helps that both were delicious!

  4. Ooh sounds like an interesting combi! I love pies and crabs!

    1. haha. its a weird and interesting combination!

  5. Is it one crab per claypot? I am wondering is one claypot enough for 2 or just enough for one?

    1. Yes, 1 crab per claypot.If both of you are smaller eaters it will be sufficient. If not, would suggest 1 each.

      My partner and I ate 6 hum jin pang just before this meal, hence we decided to share 1. In the end we were still hungry. Hence we ate a quarter pie.


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