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Jack's Place (Woodlands Civic Centre) - New Zealand Feast Promotion

Jack's Place specialises in serving western cuisine has been around in Singapore for a long long time; 1966 to be exact! Today, there are 14 outlets island wide. Over the years, Jack's Place has evolved to include several concept restaurants such as Eatzi Gourmet, Seafood Harvest, Brewbaker's Kitchen & Bar, Hoshigaoka and Jack's Place under the JP Pepperdine Group.

I still remember several years ago, Jack's Place Woodlands Branch used to be situated in Causeway Point. Ever since Causeway Point started its renovation, Jack's Place has shifted to Woodlands Civic Centre just across the road. If Woodlands Civic Centre rings a bell, well.. that is where the Woodlands Regional Library is. 
If you are a regular, you will notice that the interior of all Jack's Place restaurants are similar. Signature white and green checkered tablecloth.  
New Zealand Feast Promotion (a) [Source: Jack's Place]
New Zealand Feast Promotion (b) [Source: Jack's Place]

The New Zealand Feast Promotion is back again for the month of April 2012 at Jack's Place, Eatzi Gourmet and Brewbaker's Kitchen & Bar. The New Zealand main courses includes Chunky Beef Shepherds Pie (Stewed Beef Chunkys with Peppercorn & Mushroom and topped with mashed potato and Assorted Green Salad), N.Z. Silver Fern Farms Lamb Shank (Slowly braised with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce, served with mashed potato), N.Z. Silver Fern Farms Beef Carpetbag Steak (N.Z. Beef Tenderloin stuffed with N.Z. Oyster) and N.Z Sliver Fern Farms Fillet Mignon with Creamy Green Peppercorn Sauce (Served with Baked Potato & Seasonal Vegetable). 

Customers can choose to top up: 
a) Set Meal:  $4.80 to the main course price to include Soup of the Day, Day's Dessert & Coffee / Tea
b) Big Saver Meal: $8.80 to the main course price to include a la carte Soup, choice from 3 daily Pastry / Dessert & Coffee / Tea
Useful Guide on Beef Cuts
We ordered 2 main course (1 Set Meal, 1 Big Saver Meal) along with an Appetiser.
Garlic Bread
Wish that the garlic and butter flavour was more intense.
Leek & Potato Soup (Set Meal - Soup Of the Day)
The Soup of the Day was Leek & Potato Soup. Tasty and flavourful with chunks of potato and leek in it. Very satisfying bowl of soup.
Lobster Bisque (Big Saver Meal - a la carte Soup)
Lobster Bisque Soup, was creamy, smooth and rich in flavour. There are pieces of lobster meat in it. It was delicious! No wonder it is their house speciality
Kiwi Fruits & Prawns Topped with Feta Cheese (Appetiser)
The Kiwi Fruits & Prawns Topped with Feta Cheese was unique. So many different flavours to excite the taste buds. The Kiwi and Tomatoes were sweet and not sour. The cubes of Feta Cheese that helped enhanced the taste was rich and creamy. Underneath, there were lots of lettuce. 
N.Z Sliver Fern Farms Beef Carpet Bag Steak $27
N.Z Sliver Fern Farms Beef Carpet Bag Steak $27 (Close-up)
N.Z. Silver Fern Farms Beef Carpetbag Steak (N.Z. Beef Tenderloin stuffed with N.Z. Oyster served with Baked Potato & Seasonal Vegetable) served in a sizzling hot plate. The Beef Tenderloin is the tenderest part of the beef as this part of the muscle does very little work. I ordered medium-well done for this piece of steak. It was topped with Asian Butter as seen in the close-up photo. Let it melt into the beef and savour it. It was very tender with no fats. In the middle, it was stuffed with oyster and mushrooms! 

The Baked Potato did not disappoint. It was not dry or powdery, topped with sour cream, chicken bacon bits and spring onions. Yes, I did not type wrongly, it is chicken bacon bits not pork! The seasonal vegetable consist of carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, corn and onion. Healthy greens with no oil!
N.Z Sliver Fern Farms Fillet Mignon with Creamy Green peppercorn Sauce $26 
N.Z Sliver Fern Farms Fillet Mignon with Creamy Green peppercorn Sauce $26  (Close-up) 
N.Z Sliver Fern Farms Fillet Mignon with Creamy Green Peppercorn Sauce (Served with Baked Potato & Seasonal Vegetable) was served in a sizzling hot plate too. The Fillet Mignon situated at the smaller end of the tenderloin is considered an expensive tender cut of the beef. My partner ordered well-done for her steak. Despite this, the Fillet Mignon was extremely tender and soft with no fats in it; literally  melt-in-the-mouth. If you are observant, you may notice that there is something wrapped around the Fillet Mignon. Well, it is Chicken Bacon! Taste like bacon! This is the first time I heard of chicken bacon. Any one heard of this before or knows how it is made?

The green peppercorn sauce was savoury and aromatic. It was so nice that she had to ask for extra sauce! According to her, the best way to eat this is to cut the Fillet Mignon, add the green peppercorn sauce with a green peppercorn on top and enjoy! I tried this and it totally blew me away. Superb!
Tea (for Set Meal or Big Saver Meal - Coffee / Tea)
 Strawberry Cake (Set Meal - Day's Dessert)
The Day's Dessert was the Strawberry Cake. Too much cream and too little cake. 
Oreo Cheesecake (Big Saver Meal - Pastry or Dessert)
Looks mouth-watering?

You will be spoilt for choice when deciding on the Pastry or Dessert. After pondering for a while the partner decided to order the Oreo Cheesecake. She made the right choice! It was awesome! The cheese was very forgiving. Generous amount of Oreo cookies crumbles on the top and in the cheese. Moreover, below there was a layer of crispy Oreo crust base. What a way to end off the meal! If you know me, I am not a fan of cheesecake. Even I myself was surprised that I  find Oreo Cheesecake great! Credit to the partner for ordering this.

I am glad / lucky that we had the opportunity to try the New Zealand Feast. It was an amazing meal and interesting learning experience for us. The service provided by the team was wonderful. Drinks were refilled promptly and utensils were also cleared efficiently (not only for my table, but the surrounding tables too).

Try the New Zealand Feast before it ends! You will never know what you are missing till you try it. In addition, customers will be entitled to take part in the New Zealand Grand Lucky Draw with any purchase of the New Zealand Feast Main Course. Prizes include Complimentary Roasted Beef on Wagon (worth $480) or Tickets to Universal Studios Singapore!

Thank you Evelyn (JP Pepperdine) and Felicia (Jack's Place Woodlands) for invite and having us.

Jack's Place (Woodlands Civic Centre)
#02-05/06 Woodlands Civic Centre
Tel: 6363 4803
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 1030pm

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  1. the kiwi fruits and prawns salad looks good, and healthy too :) yummy!

    Latest: How Hot can You Take?

    1. Yes! It is great when good food is healthy too.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, the meal was delicious! Still thinking of the dishes. Try it before the feast ends. =)

      Thanks for popping by.

  3. Its so sad that we don't have this eatery over in Malaysia because all the pics of the food does look very tempting. I also see some potato related food on their menu and yes, any one of it will be a high living for me.

    I suppose I can make the kiwi fruit and prawn salad at home in due course.

    1. Yea, I am also wondering why they have not ventured overseas into Malaysia.

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