Wednesday, 18 April 2012

KFC Chef For A Day Event... and FoodieFC in KFC advertisement!

To celebrate KFC's 35th anniversary in Singapore, KFC held an event called 'KFC Chef For A Day Event' on 31st March 2012 at Nex Shopping Centre. In this event, KFC fanatics like me get to learn the secret preparation process of their Original Recipe Chicken. The top 3 chefs get to walk away with S$1000  (1 winner per session). There were 3 sessions were held in the morning, afternoon and evening.
The ceiling at the top of this portion of the shopping mall displayed the word 'KFC Anniversary'. Hmmm, I really wonder who will look up and notice the words on the ceiling. No one noticed till the emcee informed us. Not a very good idea that Nex came up with?

Did you all know that KFC's slogan is no longer finger lickin' good. It's new slogan is sogood! Personally think that it is a nice change. Very catchy and trendy. Moreover, it is short and sweet! So when consumers think KFC, on their top of mind awareness will be 'sogood'! KFC=sogood! What a strategy! 

I attended the afternoon session. Found out that Bryan Wong hosted the session at night! Well..not fated to meet him. The event started off with 2 quizzes. The first was a series of questions and all the teams had to write the answer down. The team with the most points received vouchers.
Second Quiz (Source: KFC Singapore)
In the second second quiz, participants had to work in a team to arrange the correct ingredients under the respective item; Oiginal Chicken, Zinger Burger, Roasta and Cheesy BBQ Meltz. It was not an easy task as there were many decoys given and there was limited time. (Note: The above picture does not necessary show the right answer.)

Next was the preparation process which was an individual challenge where the winner gets to walk away with One Million Dollars (Dr Evil's voice) S$1,000. Sadly, we did not get to know what are the ingredients in the 11 herbs and spices. Which was expected.

We (participants) were taught the process of:
Chicken in the 11 herbs and spices (Source: KFC Singapore)
1) Mixing the 11 herbs and spices with the 9 chicken parts. There is a process (systematic steps) to ensure that each piece of chicken is nicely coated. 

2) Choosing 2 parts and taking them out. Again, there is a process and step taken to ensure that the chicken are evenly coated. Not too thin not too thick. 
Plate with label (Source: KFC Singapore)
3) Putting them nicely onto the plates that are labelled according to the different chicken parts (e.g. W means Wings). KFC is very strict on how the different parts are put on the plate. Different parts have to be place in different positions and angles according to the bone structure and shape of the parts!

All these steps are taken to ensure the chicken we eat are nicely and even coated! I have been taking my KFC chicken for granted. So much tender loving care is given to it!

In the challenge, participants were given marks according to how each piece of chicken parts were displayed on the plate and also the coating on the chicken (not too thin / thick). 

How did FoodieFC fare? He just pass! Phew.. 
KFC Treats for participants (Source: KFC Singapore)
KFC treats for participants after the event which includes original chicken, crispy chicken, whipped potato, coleslaw, egg tarts and Sjora! 

How was the food? Sogood!!!

Personally, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the event. In addition, learnt more about KFC! Wish that that are more of such events as I would certainly like to join in these events! (If you know of such event, please kindly inform FoodieFC!) Congratulations to the three winners who walked away with $1000 each! And thank you KFC for conceptualising, planning and organising this! Well executed!

Disclaimer: This post was made on my own accord and is not a sponsored post.
This happened after I drafted this post (above)

Earlier this week, a friend told me that I was on TV. I did not take it seriously until a second friend told me about it. After that, then did I realised that KFC has been airing an advertisement on television and it featured the KFC Chef For A Day Event.

Guess what? FoodieFC really had his 1 second of airtime on TV!

For those interested to know about the event, the video is below.


  1. Gosh, didn't know u participated in the contest! I saw it & it looks exciting Looking at the fun event, I should've joined. Glad u'd fun :)

    1. Was lucky to get chosen to be among the 72 participants. Hopefully they have similar events in future =)

  2. which one is you??

    1. The guy laughing away. But no worries, you will know me when you see me. I am sure the day will come when we meet haha.

  3. which "second" of the video are you on?

    1. The guy laughing / smiling away. =)

    2. Saw your picture on KFC's facebook!

    3. oh, I forgot about that!

  4. Wow! It looks like fun and interesting. Too bad I missed it.

    1. yes, no regrets going. Learnt lots about KFC too!


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