Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Alex Eating House (Beach Road)

In my previous blog, I did a post on Alex Eating House. Will add on to the post.

Prior to my post on Alex Eating House, I have not heard of this place. It was only when I googled this place online, then did I know that Alex Eating House is famous. It is known for its char siew and sio bak(roasted pork) [some have mentioned that the char siew is the best in Singapore]. Well, enough say about track record or what is being said, here’s my post.
Alex’s Eating Place is located at Beach Road, opposite Shaw Towers. The eatery was packed during lunch time. Full house, every single table was occupied and there were other people waitingIt can be hard to grab the attention of any of them to take your order or to even ask for the bill.

Roasted Duck and Char Siew Rice
Ordered Roasted Duck and Char Siew Rice. It cost either $3.50 or $4.00. The Char Siew was not bad, however it was a bit too dry and as can be seen, each piece was way too thick. The Roasted Duck had the same problem, each piece was ‘huge’. Moreover, there was little meat with lots of fat. Rice was hard. At the side of the plate there is cabbage which was so so. Really nothing fantastic. Well it was value for money. Oh, my friend ordered lotus soup, it cost just $1.50! cheap!
Char Siew Dumpling Noodle $4.00
The Char Siew Dumpling Noodle was much better. The noodle was well cooked, springy and has absorbed all the sauce. This time, the Char Siew was much better but could have been softer. The dumpling was good. Its skin was soft and thin. The filling inside though small was delicious. 
MSG ladened soup.

Will not be back anytime soon as the food is average. If I do come back, I will go for the Roasted Pork (sio bak). 

Alex’s Eating House (Beach Road)
87 Beach Road, #01-01
Chye Sing Building 
Tel: 6334 0268
Opening Hours: Daily  9am – 6pm (or until sold out)


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  1. I've not heard of this place, but I'd love to try the Roast Pork as suggested :)

  2. The price is really worth it, in fact its cheaper then what we pay over here for the same type of food. The roasted duck is my fav but seems the taste was only so so, esp the thick sliced and being a bit dried.

    Another fav of mine is also the roasted pork and you know what, I sort of love the fats more then the meat. I don't eat that often but do enjoy from time to time.

    1. Hi,

      Price wise, I feel that it is easier to find cheap and good food in Malaysia compared to Singapore. But I agree with you, this is cheap compared to else where.

      I like roasted pork especially when it has soft bones in it.

  3. Anyone know how much are they selling the Roasted Duck


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