Thursday, 23 August 2012

761 Yishun Seafood - Zi Char

761 Yishun Seafood is a zi char stall in Yishun near my home. I seldom post on any zi char stalls especially those near home. But recently, this one caught my eye impressed me. 
During dinner time,  761 Yishun Seafood can get very crowded and waiting time for food may vary between 10minutes to 30minutes. In this post, I will consolidate all the food I have eaten over the past few days.
Shrimp Omelette $8
The Shrimp Omelette was a tad too oily. Despite that, it was sinfully delicious! The omelette was cooked perfectly; soft and fluffy. A few more seconds on the wok, it would have been overcooked; hard and dry. Something to point out, it is actually prawn omelette not shrimp.
'Fu Yong' Fried Egg $6
'Fu Yong' Fried Egg did not disappoint too. Just that it was a tad too oily.
Baby Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce $6
Baby Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce was well-cooked. The Kai Lan was still crunchy with oyster and garlic flavour coating it. Akin to a simple home-cooked dish. Nice.
Assorted Vegetables $8
Another simple home cook fare; the Assorted Vegetables. Mixture of vegetables, button mushrooms, squid and prawns so value for money.
Lemon Chicken $8
Lemon Chicken was my least favourite dish. Not because it was cooked badly, but more of personal preference. I like my fried chicken with spices or with batter, but not with lemon.
Fried Rice $8
The Fried Rice was again a tad too oily. But still it was yummilicious! Lots of ingredients and each cut into a similar size as the rice grains so that the texture is similar.In addition, there was a hint of wok hei coating each grain of rice. Very well fried!
Hor Fun w/Egg $4
The Hor Fun w/Egg was impressive. The gravy was delicious and not too salty packed with wok-hei flavour.

The food at 761 Yishun Seafood is what I call cheap and good. It is affordable and delicious. Did I add that this Zi Char Stall has been around for 26 years? Yes, 26 years!

761 Yishun Seafood - Zi Char
Blk 761 Yishun Street 72

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  1. long time no eat cze char. I WANT!

    1. Same. I hope zi char stalls dun get phrase out as we 'improve' our quality of life.


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