Monday, 6 August 2012

#CookForFamily Initiative: Ajitsuke Tamago and Chilled Beancurd

#CookForFamily Initiative is initiated by Daniel Ang from Daniel's Food Diary. The objective is simple and meaningful; to get 100 bloggers (hopefully their fans and followers) to start cooking and bonding with their families. To date, he has garnered 109 bloggers to join in this initiative.

I will not call mine a meal. It is more of a side dish and dessert. Well, as the title states, I made Ajitsuke Tamago and Chilled Beancurd

Ajitsuke Tamago is actually marinated soft boiled egg. It is the egg which is frequently served with Japanese Ramen, sometimes for an extra $2. The characteristic of the Ajitsuke Tamago is that the egg whites are hard boiled (solid but soft and delicate) while the egg yolk are runny/molten. 
Marinated  Ajitsuke Tamago

Ajitsuke Tamago (when sliced into half)
This is an item which is hard to gauge the response from my parents as they do eat Ajitsuke Tamago outside. But after so many attempts they are still eating it. While my sister comment is that I have improved after the past few attempts (especially the first). But can be better. How did I made it? Click here

The dessert which I made was the Chilled Beancurd (or lao ban beancurd, not exactly similar in taste). The recipe can be found here. This is quite an easy item to make as it requires just half an hour or even less to make it. Followed by another 3 hours to chill it before it is ready to be consumed. 
Chilled Beancurd
I have been making the Chilled Beancurd frequently for consumption within the family or for friends. This is a good item to counter the heat from our scorching weather. And this is something which the family enjoys. 

I certainly enjoying making both the Ajitsuke Tamago and Chilled Beancurd. I am likely to continue making them. In fact, have been making the Chilled Beancurd biweekly. The two recipes are posted online. You can take a look at them and try making them yourselves too. Moreover, both the Ajitsuke Tamago and Chilled Beancurd will not require long hours in making it or oily utensils or risk your kitchen becoming smokey/oily. Give it a try and do give me comments on improvements if any. Have fun making it!


  1. The chilled beancurd is simple and lovely, what more healthy too.

    1. Hi Nava


      To be honest, I am still finding a replacement for the creamer in the beancurd to make it more healthy. Any idea on the substitutes?

  2. Hey dear, I must've missed this post! Welcome to #CookForFamily event, which I'm really happy to be part of it. Love your post!


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