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Teck Sing Restaurant 德星茶餐室 (Malaysia, Johor Bahru)

Teck Sing Restaurant 德星茶餐室 is a well known Chinese restaurant offering sumptuous dishes at affordable prices. It has several signature dishes, it's most famous signature dish is the Teck Sing Paper Wrapped Chicken. 

Teck Sing Restaurant 德星茶餐室 is located at Taman Sentosa, 5 minutes away from Plaza Sentosa; a shopping mall. The restaurant is around 15 minutes walk from Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre. (refer to map at bottom of the post). Yet again, the easiest way is to board the cab and inform the driver that you would like to go to 'Taman Sentosa'. It is just 10 minutes drive from Causeway / City Square and the cab fee  will cost around RM7. (Request for the metre to be activated before boarding cab.)
Teck Sing competitor is just next door (at the left of the restaurant) called Bamboo Restaurant which also specialises in serving paper wrapped chicken. Years ago, Bamboo Restaurant's version was more popular. However over the years, the standard has dropped. Today, Teck Sing is clearly the better player. 
Clean, simple air conditioned environment. The restaurant is very spacious occupying 2 ground floor units of the shop house. As we visited on a weekday late morning, the restaurant was still relatively empty. However, by lunch time, the place was more than 70% full. Not an easy feat considering that it was a Monday.
Menu (a)
Menu (b)

Teck Sing Paper Wrapped Chicken 德星药材纸包鸡 RM18
Teck Sing Paper Wrapped Chicken 德星药材纸包鸡 aka Yao Cai Ji was served pipping hot. It was wrapped in  thick superior paper and baked for several hours with various Chinese herbs. Once the paper was torn apart, the fragrance and aroma will start rising up and tease your senses. 
Teck Sing Paper Wrapped Chicken 德星药材纸包鸡 RM18
Teck Sing Paper Wrapped Chicken 德星药材纸包鸡 used kampung chicken. The chicken was incredibly fresh, soft, tender and juicy. Fork tender; the flesh fell part from the bones easily. What a delicious and delectable dish. The best Yao Cai Ji I have ever had. A must order!
Kang Kong with Sambal Chilli RM8
The Kang Kong with Sambal Chilli was amazingly delicious. It was well cook and the Kang Kong was still crunchy. The Kang Kong with Sambal Chilli strangely was more sweet than spicy with fragrance of garlic. Despite that, this dish was so savoury and delicious that we polish it off within minutes. What a surprising yummlicious dish.
Drunken Prawn in Claypot RM20
The size of the prawn compared to the bowl!
Another signature dish at Teck Sing is the Drunken Prawn in Claypot. The drunken prawns were cooked in herbal broth along with slices of spring onion and ginger. The broth was delish; herbal and sweet in flavour. As for the prawns, there were huge and extremely fresh. It was easy to deshell them. Moreover, the meat was firm, succulent and sweet. Excellent!
Soup of the Day: Peanuts with Chicken Feet Soup RM5
The Soup of the Day was Peanuts with Chicken Feet Soup. Even though the Drunken Prawns in Claypot has broth, we decided to order this soup too as few places serve this soup now. This soup is one of the most traditional Chinese soup with great nutritional value. At RM5, this is a steal. The Peanuts with Chicken Feet Soup tasted great! The soup was robust and rich in flavour. The chicken feet were simmered till tender, yet not too soft and not too hard. Eight chicken feet were given and yes, I polished them all. I am a great fan of chicken and duck feet! Even if you do not eat the chicken feet, you can still order this soup. The soup itself is delicious and is rich in collagen too. (Collagen is a protein with many benefits such as anti-ageing, repair skin, repair tissues and strengthen bones) 

Before calling for the bill, ordered the signature Teck Sing Paper Wrapped Chicken 德星药材纸包鸡 again. This time for take-away. To bring it back to Singapore. I carried the chicken all the way from 2pm to 9pm till I reached home. 
Teck Sing Paper Wrapped Chicken 德星药材纸包鸡 RM18
Once you have reached home, tear out the paper slowly and put the chicken along with the sauce and herbs into a container/bowl. Store it in the fridge if you are eating it the next day. Before eating, all you have to do is to steam it hot. Shiok!

Overall, the food at Teck Sing Restaurant 德星茶餐室 was amazingly delicious. I like all the dishes that were ordered nd they were so affordable. Service wise, the food was served promptly. Even when I went back 1 week later to just order the chicken for takeaway, it was nicely packed and given to me within 5 minutes. Furthermore, there is free wifi at this restaurant. If I am living nearby, I think I will be going there weekly!

Teck Sing Restaurant 德星茶餐室 (Malaysia, Johor Bahru)
1 Jalan Sutera Satu, Taman Sentosa
80150 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: 07 334 7025
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
A - Location of Teck Sing Restaurant
B - Location of Plaza Sentosa Shopping Centre
C - Location of Hiang Kee Seafood Restaurant (Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre)
D - Location of KSL Shopping Centre

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  1. My, my, certainly you are sharing another round of food that I will go all the way. I love any kind of Malaysian food, whether its Chinese, Malay or Indian.

    My in-laws used to stay around this area but I don't know why we never tried out this restaurant.

    1. Hi Nava,

      1 more JB post coming up =)

  2. Just RM18 for the chicken? So cheap! I wanna to eat that!! Send me some, won't u?? Hahaha!

    1. yea! RM 18 only! They are all in my stomach =P

  3. hahaha FoodieFC you are really enjoying Johor food :D :P

    1. Yes cheap and good! But I dun think I have the time to go back for now. Quite busy at work =(

      I shall satisfy that by visiting your blog !


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